Roadside assistance insurance

Does anybody have roadside service insurance for an electric assist trike?


  • triple a is offering sag wagon service. you would have a problem with lipo battery delivery but a cellphone call for a tow or carry home would be good reassurance:

    according to the feds, a trike is a bike if they want to argue on coverage.
  • I need sag body service or road side assistance like help changing a flat.
  • Idaho Power has a few e-vehicle hook-ups. Highly doubt that one of those could be used to charge up an e-assisted battery. Might have better luck tapping into a lightpost and using gator clamps and an inverter.

    ¬ ITL
  • Cellphone and credit card are your best I,insurance if you can't fix it.
  • That's what I'm relying on right now.
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