Summary on Adjustments

Is there a summary of how to get your Rover adjusted correctly? I bought mine second hand and don't have the benefit of a dealer nearby.

I see helpful hints here and there in posts about how to adjust and get things aligned correctly, is there a place that has a guide from start to finish?

Looking forward to chatting all with you more!

Thanks in Advance

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  • TerraTrike University on YouTube. Covers a lot.
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    Don't want to subject your to where I started as I had a lot of ideas, and most of the photos are non existent due to PhotoBucket and their sudden change of blocking 3rd party posting - deleted that account.

    Got my Rover fully extended and the bike shop knew nothing about adjustment past moving the seat. And about everything was out of adjustment or not assembled correctly.

    Took a rather long time to get the Rover i8 adjusted to me. @Jrobiso2 helped a lot since we were roughly the same size and height, and the boom on mine is a tad past M(edium).

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  • Don't you hate it when you go to the bike shop and you have to tell them how to do their job? One guy didn't know how to put my trike on the Alpaca carrier. It's pretty self-explanatory.
  • yeah tis -

    worse is some of the trike build results -
    page 11 from the 2018 catrike manual:

    Improper toe can cause extremely rapid tire wear. Toe is set by the mechanic during
    installation of the tie rod. We've heard reports from the field of improperly set toe, with resulting excessive tire wear. Don't assume it's been done right! Check it yourself . . .
  • @Hart1of5 - welcome to the fold! what part of the country will you be riding in?

    start to finish summary?

    mechanically, yes.

    for component align and adjust best is the mfg manual or similar - for example, avid bb7 adjustment procedures apply equally to the rover alhonga brakes. for a good generic procedural overview see the park tool help site.

    seeking a guru? sheldon brown. the tech section at bentrider hosts others.

    but for making the trike fit you? no - or highly unlikely - such is realistically an exercise in pain avoidance, very engine specific, and dependent on the path you choose to follow.
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    Thanks @JamesR , was unable to find those URLs. :smile:
    Lost the old Rover manual due to a hard drive crash earlier in the year.

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  • Getting one's X-seam is a start. You want your legs to be slightly bent, with the knees above the axles of the wheels.
    You may have to either extend or shorten the boom to your X-seam and/or fit, which means either adding or removing links.
    Once getting your legs in position, then slide the seat to a comfortable distance, and then adjust the reclining position.

    This whole "setup" can take a course over a few months, as you try readjusting one thing or another. Some of us had to add wider handlebars. Although you can adjust them to a degree: if the hands are not reaching the handholds comfortably you may have to raise the seat.

    I'm at the point where raising the seat would help with the comfort of the handholds, the dragon (belly) prefers to stay reclined. So the shoulders get sore due to that one issue.
    The headrest helps relieve the shoulder issues somewhat. There still seems to be something missing from the seat to shoulders. So one has to try various ideas to see what fits them, and what works.


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  • This is why this is my new FAVORITE site to spend some quality time! I've learned SO much about my T.T. I'm going to give my Rover a quick once over, just to make sure everything is fitted well to me.
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