Grips for that Floridian

Were you the one who asked about
the grips on my Rover? Bought them at lbs but here is a pair that look close.
You have to trim them down some,
More on the right for mine.


  • Are you asking me or TimC? Have you cut them down? I'm just wondering what they look like after they are cut. I really don't like the foam grips and those are a good price. Hmmm!
  • I didn't ask about your grips, but a pair of ergo grips might be a nice addition. My wife's bicycle came with them and she says they are really comfortable. What size fits the Rover handlebars?
  • Twas for Florida Arrived. Thought it was her who asked me about them at Riderfest. I had to cut them. Right grip still spins. Hair spray trick didn’t work on that one. Left grip is tight. May try golf grip tape next.
  • I probably did.
  • Here are mine. They are close to the pair prior. Just use a razor blade to trim down.
  • Great idea, and the golf grip tape may work very well. What size grips did you buy?
  • Grips came only one size, well, a stubby and a reg length for the southpaw. This set is for the Lady Floridian in Navarre if I find out her P.O. Box number...
  • PO Box? I don't live in Hooterville. You didn't have to do that but I appreciate it.
    1933 Granada
  • Smallest box I have is 2x3’. What else can I put in a box from MI to FL? She doesn’t need beach sand? Fresh water? BOTTLED Water!?!
  • LBS owner said they just use water as a lubricant when sliding their re-grip
    jobs on. I cleaned the smaller grip inside and out plus the handlebar and the grip went back on w/o water and it
    is snug. Whoopee!!
  • No thank you! I don't need any Michigan water. I understand they turned off the water fountains in the schools. Hold off sending those. I need to call TT tomorrow and see if I can get the lower part of the headrest. It would be perfect for mounting my Walky Dog harness.
  • Here’s a better picture. See how it connects to the back of the seat and how wide that bar is that goes up. That’s exactly what I need. I will call TT tomorrow.
  • I didn’t notice/remember seeing that on your rover.
  • It was on the older one I purchased last month. I didn't know that was how the headrest mounted. But, I already agreed to give that one away and I only need a portion of the mount so let me see what TT will do for me.
  • While we're at it, after a few hours of riding, my hands (arms, legs, back etc) are very sweaty, and I lose grip on the shift handle, especially when down shifting for a stop. I have to give it the old "vice grip" grip, or my hand slips and no shift.
    Does anyone have a solution for getting a tighter grip? I've thought about a hose clamp covered with foam, but that seams rather crude.
    Thanks All!
  • I think there was another thread that discussed the different bike riding gloves you buy. I only ride one to one and a half hours and try to keep my hands dry. I wear my Apple watch on my left wrist and a sweat band on the right one. As long as I don't touch my skin with my hands, they stay dry. The other day I did not have a clean wrist band so I used a microfiber towel to wipe the sweat off my face and just stuffed it in between the brake and the frame of the handlebar while riding. It worked ok. If you don't want to wear gloves, an absorbent towel might work for you.
  • Someone posted not to long ago about using an upright ‘tab’ that is attached to
    the twist grip shifter in some way. Part came from a motorcycle shop.?. Maybe someone will chime in with truth.
  • Going to put Florida’s box in the snail
    mail tomorrow am, if I can climb out of
    bed in the am part.
  • Expect the box Tuesday.
  • No mail on Monday. You didn't pay a lot to mail them, did you?
  • Thousands and thousands. Can’t go peddling til the new grips are installed, no matter what the dawgs want. Satellite image shows an empty lot at that address. Subterranean condo? Mail man may go around the block a few times...
  • edited September 2
    That's because Google hasn't been through here since 2013. I swear a house is there. I would not camping in 90 degree weather for months. Here it is: qdusb47y3dzs.jpg
  • Well then. You should get box on Tuesday unless USPS employs Braille
    drivers to take out the gators and snakes as they deliver. :p
  • Depends if UPS delivers it. Sometimes packages are handed off to the postal service. My mailwoman has a problem delivering to the right street. She gets the address correct but the street name. I will be sure to look for it. I'm also waiting for a order and my "dogs on trikes" t-shirt. Thank you again!
  • Dogs on Trikes t-shirt? Awesome!
  • Here's the website: I will provide a picture when it arrives. I've moved on from college sports t-shirts to cycling t-shirts. Is that scary?
  • Come on Florida_bound, get a grip! Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one. ;)
  • When they arrive I will!
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