Pannier with hooks

Has anyone seen a pannier or two that have hooks that I can hand from the side of my rear rack? I have a soft sided one that collapses on itsel. A rigid walled one would be better. Under $10k please. Thank you.


  • have found it easiest to use external bungees

    high quality kit for rigid waterproofs if interested in practical hivis diy panniers that wont flop:

    they also have dog packs that can reduce strapping stuff to the trike, pannier repair parts, etc.
  • Was just at the closest lbs and a single pannier with clips bolted thru the sidewall of the bag-$89. A full pannier, hangs over rack, both sides,like I bought last year-$45. Same manufacturer. Sad sad.
  • I have a small bag on top of my rear rack now. I wanted panniers with clips to hang on both sides of rack, easily detachable. Not for $180 though. I’ll split my full pannier down the middle at sew up another way. If anyone finds some metal clips laying about, contact me.
  • ...and why are these bags always black inside? So dark. Can’t find a thing without a trouble light! Deep and dark like a woman’s purse. Need an auto-light to come on when it opens. Or white fabric lining the inside. Maybe try that rubber spray in white. Eh?
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