Trails in Central Ohio

edited August 2010 in Ohio
Two good triking trails in Central Ohio (Columbus area) include the Alum Creek trail in Columbus and Groveport, and the Alum Creek / Genoa Township trail in Columbus and Westerville.

I am up for a group ride depending on scheduling.


  • I like the Heritage Trail in Hilliard for out and back rides, but check the wind before you go!  Parts of the trail are open to farm fields and you catch all the headwinds or cross winds.

    I also like Glacier Ridge Metro Park.  I usually start at the Honda wetlands parking area.  The trail runs about 3 miles to the main section of the park.  In the main section of the park there are several different trails with combinations of different loops.  The path is wide and smooth and passes through a combination of open fields and woodlands.  I like the option of completing a different number of loops depending on how I feel and what mileage I want to do on a given day. 

    I like the Kokosing Gap trail for longer rides.  I have ridden it from Mt. Vernon to Danville and back. 

    The Evans Trail in Newark is nice but an older trail which is narrower and can be a problem with other riders, walkers, dogs, etc. 
  • Hands down in my opinion are the trails from Springfield to Cincinnati
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