Broke the catch off plate for trunk bag -- but fixed it

edited September 2010 in Accessories
My Rover rolled back in the back of my Forester and broke the u-shaped loop off the base plate that holds on the expandable trunk bag.

Talked to Kelli to see if there was a replaceable plate. While she looked into it, I looked closely at what was there.

The loop had a groove on the bottom side. I bent a cheap hanger to see if it'd fit in the groove. Yep.

Using a 1/16 inch drill bit, I drilled holes where the metal from the hanger would go into the plate by just matching up where the groove was.

Sanded down the hanger piece. did a test fit and rimmed the ends. Mixed up some 30-min epoxy. Lined everything up and dabbed it where needed. A lon piece of tape to hold it in place. Two hours later and more solid than new.

I think through regular use the loop would never break off, very solid, but glad it broke instead of my back window.
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