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Five days (30 Sept) until delivery of my Sports Elite. :)


  • Three

    (ha - beat you too it)
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

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  • ...but you forgot :) :) :)
  • And the magic number is down to two! :) :) :D
  • I hope yours arrives okay! My Sport Elite and another customer's Sport Elite arrived in the shop last week missing a couple of cable adjusters. The shop had enough to fix the other customer's bike (after all, his order was placed first), but as of early today, they still haven't received my parts. :(

    It's only a few hours away from......One Day Left for you! :D
  • I'm starting to feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve--One more day! :) :D :D
  • WooHoooo!! It's here!! :D :D :D


    More pics to follow.
  • Here are a couple of photos after assembly.



    Returning from a short shakedown ride.

  • congrats on your Sport Elite...I have one as well and love it!
    get bent and be content...
  • awesome! by the way what color is that? anyway, enjoy your new ride, i'm sure you'll love it!
  • It's 'Anodized Brass.'
  • that's a first for me. i like it a lot!
  • Congratulations! I hope you are enjoying your Sport Elite. I'm supposed to get mine tomorrow and can't wait!

    I like the color of yours. I did consider getting the brass but was afraid it might be too yellow. Yours looks like a beautiful shade and definitely not too yellow! :)
  • Went for a 22 mile ride today; got it over 30 mph on one of the downhills and the sense of speed was about the same as when I got my LWB recumbent up to 45! It handled just fine though. One thing I noticed when I was setting up/checking everything, was that the speedometer setting was 1615mm. I did a rollout check and reset it to 1555; I realize it's only a 4% difference but I like accuracy.

  • are you running marathons? and what computer are you using?
  • Yes, they're the stock Marathons and Cat Eye micro wireless computer from Terra Trike.
  • Stock CST tires on my Rover measured 1550 on a rollout test, which is the most accurate. I think the instructions on the Planet Bike computer I got, said 1500 for a 20" wheel. Always better to do a rollout measurement, all tires are different. I love that Brass color...... :)
  • thanks i'm going to need new batteriesfor mine real soon. some of this colder weather is affecting it.
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