SRAM Derailleur issue

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Hello all. New to the forum, first post.

I recently bought a used Zoomer, 2008 I was told, for an amazing price here in Canadaland. Knowing what I was getting and what I paid, I realized there would be adjustments and other issues to contend with. I rode the trike yesterday after upgrading the tubes and tires (came with a flat) and quickly realized my front gearing was basically stuck in 2nd. The gripshift moved around; however, nothing was happening. Today I disassembled the shifter and noticed one frayed cable inside the housing. I trimmed it as close to the lead end as possible and put everything back together. Everything is set to low gear (derailleur and shifter) yet when I try to shift up, it clicks toward 2nd then nothing... I mean my hand would need to be a vise to force this shifter ever further. The derailleur moves over all three ring gears manually, but when I try to move it with the shifter, no chance, just stops. It is almost like I can not overcome the spring tension in the derailleur. Everything on board looks to be original, Sora derailleur and SRAM MRX gripshift and the cable is free within the casing
Any ideas? I loved the short ride I had, though I really would like to see just what this baby can do with all 24 gears.


  • Any bike shop should be able to fix that very easily.
  • Hey Retro,

    After having just replaced the rear derailleur cable on my crusier for the new 26" wheel retrofit, I'd suggest looking at the adjustment screws at the back of the derailleur, and seeing if this solves your problem. Here's a good link explaining the calibration of the rear derailleur.
  • Thanks PrairieCruiser for the link. I adjusted my rear derailleur as per link and it works perfectly now. The front derailleur is still an issue and I have determined there is not enough leverage to compensate for the spring. If I twist the shifter with two hands I can get into a higher gear, but this really isn't the way, I suspect, it was designed. Not sure if I need to replace the shifter or whether this is something that requires something completely different. I am thinking of a Schlumpf to correct this. I spent three hours on my Zoomer today, limited to eight gears, I have my front derailleur set to the middle gear ring and it took me up 20% hills and I coasted downhill with a thrill. I can only imagine what I could do with all 24 gears available!!
  • Retro, is it possible the front derailleur needs to be adjusted as well, particularly the limit stop set screws. Perhaps try backing them both off completely to see if you get the chain travelling between the gears.
  • I've adjusted both the rear and front derailleurs. The rear was never a problem as it did shift cleanly through all 8 gears but the front was another story. After about 100 km I noticed the front started working, I kept trying it over and over, so I wonder if it just needed use. I now have 24 gears available, but the front is still extremely stiff to shift up and I need a good grip and forethought to do so.

    When the pennies gather, I'll replace the gripshift for bar end shifters. I have shifted by accident when taking a corner, so the bar end shifters will eliminate that too.

    Which adds another project, replacing the bar end rear view mirror for something else... I love it!!! It will take a long time to get this just the way I want, but it definitely will be custom when I'm done.

    Thanks for all the input and the links were great, I followed it to the letter, pausing the clip while I adjusted as tutored.
  • An easy shifting Front deraileur is available from Hostel Shoppe. It is the Microshift front derailuer, and I replaced the very hard Shimano FD on my Rans Tailwind with the Microshift FD, and the shifting was much easier. It is in expensive too. ... 1155082651
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