SAFETY FLAG - Dear Terratrike, how about...

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RE: A Terratrike branded, highly visible and stylish safety flag

Dear Terratrike:

How about offering a trike safety flag with more sex appeal and visibility? Something that compliments your fine products (TrailBear schmoozes shamelessly). Something with on it for a bit of marketing.

I did look at your flag while selecting one, but kept on moving. Orange is not as visible as lime green and it had the look of the kid's bike flag from WalMart. That may be fine for a WalMart bike, but you charge somewhat more for your trikes. It's hard to style with that flag. Would Velotechnik put it on a Scorpion?

Probably the most visible trike flag is from - a square of lime and orange with a reflective stripe.

I selected a High Point flag from Rocky Mountain Recumbents. I think it goes well with the Rover. However, the wife notes that while the yellow panels are visible from afar, the darker colors are not seen.

This set me thinking - I can probably commission a high point flag in alternate panels of green and orange or see if Terratrike might like to get behind a really visible trike flag in lime and orange - something that proclaims TerraTrike from afar.

The forumistas might like to debate which shape and color combination does the job best. ("Let a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of though contend." <sic>)

Rover X5 with the high point flag...



  • I'm not sure that we are looking to add a flag to our line right now, but I will pass this along to the appropriate person. Thanks for your thoughts on it!
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
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