Rover Tune-up in/near San Francisco

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Hi All,
I have 3 rovers, and 2 need some maintenance after a 7000 mile cross-country RV trip. They were exposed to a lot of road grime and some rain while on the hitch. I've noticed some brake loss, and chain rust(!) and want to get them performing good as new. I live in S.F, and since I purchased my rovers online from utah trikes, I don't have a local trike shop. Any suggestions?


  • Any good bike shop should be able to handle that. Chains and disk brakes are pretty common to most bikes.
  • thanks. took the first one in today, original phone quote was 200 (yikes!), but once we got there and they saw the straightforward design of the rover, reduced it to 140. that's something anyway.
  • $140 ? Man, that seems really high for just a chain & cleaning up the disk's?
    Ride Fatman, ride
  • Well if they had to replace the chain, that could account for the cost. I have never had to replace a chain, unless it had over 7-8 thousand miles on it, and a chain gauge said it should be replaced. I do most of my own work on my bikes and now trike with the exception of building or truing a wheel. My favorite lube to have a long lasting chain is Boeschield T-9 made by Boeing Aircraft. I have never had to clean a chain using this, I just apply it every 3 to 5 hundred miles, let it dry for 2 hours, and wipe the chain off with a rag. Doesn't attract dirt, won't rust, and chain stays fairly clean.
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