TRAILBEAR'S TRIKE - Topeak rack and bag

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(Time for some new material at the TerraTrike forum. We are all over at the Bent Rider On Line trike forum, chatting away like a gaggle of old ladies.)


As part of the commissioning process, I removed the rack I bought with the trike and replaced it with a Topeak disc brake rack, which fit quite well (once you got the fender plates to line up with the mount holes - a bit of brute force). I had mounted a Novarra bag with integral panniers on that rack. It's a nice unit, but a tad bit small for someone who's motto is " You CAN take it with you. Just you watch."

I like the Topeak trunk bags. I have two. This is the "expedition" model. It serves as the bike equivalent of a knapsack. In need the side panniers fold down and hook on the stubs at the bottom of the rack. The other model lacks the pannier feature. It will be on the mountain bike for a while. If it is a long ride, I will mount these bags on the mountain bike. It's very simple to move the bag between bikes.

The loadout...

I normally travel with both panniers deployed. The port pannier has my water bottle and the Jacket du Jour. The starboard pannier has my Class III safety vest (highly visible), a rain cover for the whole rig, a bottle of tea, a bag of trail mix bars and a jersey - in case the weather warms up on the ride.

The center bag has two WalMart cordura zip bags. One contains spare tubes, pump, tire tools, bike multi tool and patch kit. The other contains personal articles - spare glasses, flashlight, baby wipes, alcohol swabs, a first aid kit, notebook, money, etc. Tucked in the corner are zip ties and a Princeton Tec LED headlight that goes on my helmet.

Camera and MP3 player are in the handlebar bag mounted on the back of the seat.

Closeup of rack and bag. The light on the handle is a Beamer white.

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