Front Tube clamp...spins

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I spun the front tube in traffic today trying to take off from a light.
Ended up breaking the cleat on my shoe and then peddling home 10 miles with one pedal.
This is the fifth or sixth time this has happened. Second time in traffic at this exact light.

The clamp is so tight I need to use an extension bar to close it, yet the tube still spins if you put a bunch of torque on the pedals.
How do I fix this?

I asked this exact question via e-mail directly, the day after I got zoomer, and two days later.
It's been 4 weeks and still no response.

Do you see any structural problems with drilling a hole in the two tubes and putting a bolt through?

Maybe drill a hole and ream it with a taper reamer. Then drive in a taper pin.
That way the pin would be force fit tight leaving no slop to grow the hole.


  • I know what you're saying about the clamp needing mechanical leverage to loosen. If it weren't that tight, my tube too could spin, though I have never had that happen yet. You must really torque that baby from a standstill to get the tube to spin, maybe you're in too high a gear when starting??

    I'm not sure whether drilling holes will sacrifice the structural integrity of the boom. It is aluminum and without a proper support, the bolt may elongate the hole. Though I haven't tried it myself on this specific application, I do find rubber tubes to be helpful. Cut out what you need, tightly wrap it around the boom and clamp. Tubes are cheap, and it may provide enough friction to be worth a try before cutting holes. Then again, maybe a rubber tube will be too thick to work anyway.... just a thought
  • We did respond to your email, but it bounced back as "undeliverable." That being said, this answer is from our tech guy:

    "This is not a wide spread problem. Drilling a hole on the underside won't void your warranty in this case."

    If you need anything else, you can always call us if you don't hear back from an email right away.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
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