Spec sheet?

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Hey all -
I'm truly lovin' my 3.6 and can see riding it for some time to come. Although I may add to the stable at some point!

That said, the gearing on my trike seems a little more toward the speed end than the hill-climbing end. I have a local dealer who can do changes for me, but I like to know what I'm talking about before I go asking things of the folks selling me stuff. I know, what a crazy idea!

To that end, is there a detailed spec sheet available somewhere that shows the parts used to make up the 3.6? I know from looking at the brand names what brands are used, but I mean model numbers. I would like to extend the gear inch range, but I don't know what model number the rear cassette is - and perhaps more importantly, I'm not so familiar with parts that I know what interchanges with what. At least with part/model numbers, I can look up what works together. Or ask more questions here and on BROL! On the rear, as an example, I don't know the gear range. I've been told the front is 30-40-52. I'm hoping I can gear down to a 26-39-52 in the front, but I'm not experienced or knowledgeable enough to know what's the best rear to go with that. Too, I don't know enough of the detailed specs to know if I could simply replace the entire front crankset with another. I'm not 100% sure what specs I need to know!

So... little help please??

Thanks so much (in advance)!!


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