Check over trike when it comes

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I am the new owner of a Zoomer. The purchase was from a guy who bought it in Nov 2010. He told me he had not ridden it very much. I know this is true because if he had he would have severly damaged the frame. When I got the trike home today I put it on my trainer to make adjustment so that the trike could fit my wife. when pedaling I noticed lots of chain slap. When I checked this out and compared my trike to the photos on the Terratrike site I noticed that the chain was improperly routed through the front idler. Sometimes it is good to be compulsive. How tight should the bolt on the idler be tightened?

I don't know, but odds are the trike was delivered to the customer in this condition.

I am thrilled with my new trike! It is a Farrari! Idlers are a bit loud. Any progress on upgrade for Zoomer front idler?
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