Chain length adjustment

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Is there a measure or rule of thumb to apply if I think the chain is too long? I am new to trikes and need a little advice. The Zoomer elite in question was recently acquired and in fitting it for my 5'5" wife the chain droops quite a bit, maybe 5" below level. Also the front idler seems like it's not properly installed. From the seat and facing the pedals the arrangement is as follows: spacer / idler / spacer /idler. Looking at this arrangement it seems that it might be better alighned as follows: idler / spacer / idler / spacer.

The snow and cold has maybe driven me crazy. Too much time on my hands with out being able to ride out side, but can anybody help with these concerns?


  • From our tech guy: "Shift into the largest ring up front and the smallest ring in back. The spring loaded arm (called the derailleur) in back should almost be pointing down at the ground. It should be tilted slightly back or to the left when you're standing in front of it. Please let me know if that makes any sense." You can email him at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> if you need further assistance.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Thanks for your prompt reply. I will check it out. If my memory is right, I think the derailer(I know what it is, I just cannot spell it.) is all the way toward the back with no spring tension. That means a lot of chain should be removed I think.
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