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I'm in the market for another trike and one has come available locally. How do I tell what model it is? I've looked at the history pics on the website but they are not giving me enough visual information.
The seat seems to resemble the 3.2 but the 3.4 pic seems close too.
It has disc brakes.
Shoe lace seat
the handlebars have round corners...where the 3.2 pic seems to show square corners.
velocity rims and hubs
9 speed rear with 3 sprockets in the front.
As I type this out it seems close to the 3.3 but the seat seems different.

The local shop has a 750.00 dollar price tag associated with the trike. Thoughts? To me that's too high for an 8 or 9 year old machine. Any problems with the frames on those machines?


  • From our tech guy, "Seeing a picture is the best way for us to identify a trike. Back them we didn't have "kits" made-up. We used a random assortment of components at any given time for two reasons: we weren't buying huge volumes of components to keep it consistent and things would be available one week and not the next. So, we sourced what we could find.

    The price of the trike should be based on its condition and current value of its components. I think $750 may be a bit much too, and that's based on a few things: not seeing the trike in person, the current prices in the trike market, and more importantly, we don't make replacement parts for trikes older than the 3.6 anymore. So, if someone purchases an older trike and something breaks, there are no replacements for it.

    We almost never have any claims on older trikes. For the most part, warranties/claims are non-existent."

    Hope it helps!
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Hi Kelli,

    I had the same issue, trying to guess the model of my WizWheels trike. I had pretty much guessed from reading the manuals but got confirmation when I went to clean and relube the chain. The rear idler on mine was stamped WizWheels 3.5 on the side. Hope this helps.
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