Building a PVC Rover Work Stand

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I first posted this over at the BROL forums:, but decided folks over here might be interested as well :) - Peter

First off, let me say that I am not the best at ‘building’ stuff. I’m not too bad at “remove and replace” – but stuff you ‘cut’, ‘measure’ and dealing with ‘angles’ is kinda tough for me. This took me roughly 14 hours to do.

Cost (not including paint, or plywood for shelf) was just at $47.00 – parts bought at “Home Depot”.

Parts list:
I chose to use 1.5 inch PVC
* 10 – 3-way
* 2 – 4-way
* 2 – 90 degree elbow
* 6 – cap
* 3 – 1.5” X 10’ PVC tube
* 1 – package of ‘drawer’ felt
* 9ft of “para-cord”

I will say that I never had to start over, or throw away a piece and cut a new one. Yes, I chose to glue all parts together.



To see all of the photos of the process;

It is stable, doesn’t rock, and the wood ‘table’ works well for tools. I had ¾” plywood which is overkill – but nice to use what I already had.

There are a few spots where I didn’t quite get the angles right, but least it works.

I decided to paint it, then learned after that the paint that “bonds to plastic”, doesn’t seem to bond so well – it scratches pretty easily!

If I did this again, things that I would change are;
- Make the shelf shorter.
- Not paint it.
- Shorten the height from the top to the first horizontal parts – would make it even stiffer.

But the basic plan is sound~! By using the ‘caps’ on the ends, and by adding the ‘feet’ on the ends, the stand is very stable.

This stand is set up for me to use while sitting in my rolling garage chair.

I added a “Ceiling Bike Lift” - $15 bucks above the area that I will normally work on the trike when the cars are in the garage. By doing so (it’s above my head, and everyone else is short) I can lower the trike onto the work stand~! No lifting needed~!!

Here is the link for the lift I like to use:
www DOT

While I used ‘felt’ in front to protect the trike, after I added felt in back, I was afraid it might still scratch the paint, so I used ‘para-cord’ and wrapped it around the rear mount. It works well, and I would skip the felt at the rear and just use the para-cord.

Final thoughts;
It was fun, the stand is handy and much cheaper than buying one. I would do it again knowing what I know now, and while others of *normal* skill will probably knock one of these out in an afternoon; I can assure you that you do not need any special skills to do this!

I *think* I am the first to make a PVC Rover work stand? If not, perhaps the first to post with photos.
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