Why swap a 26" rear wheel?

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OK, feeling stupid here, but my dealer didn't know either, so I'll just ask. Why might I want to order the $150 26" wheel accessory kit for our new Rover 8 tandem? I understand that it would move the gear inch range higher (undesirable at the low end, desirable at the high end), tilt the bike forward a bit, handle a bit more weight, and ride a bit smoother, in return for being a bit bulkier and heavier. Have I missed anything important?


  • First off...didn't your teacher tell you that no question is a stupid question ;)

    To answer your question though...a 26" rear wheel on the Rover Tandem is NOT recommended and HIGHLY discouraged!!! A strong tandem team will rip a 26" wheel to pieces! A heavy weight tandem team will do the same. Don't do it. Don't let it be done. I cannot imagine climbing even a moderate hill with a 26" wheel on a fully loaded Rover Tandem.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
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