Fender rub or It's like riding with your brakes on

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First let me say I love my TT Rover. I was having difficulty with what I thought was my lack of fitness and the trike's high rolling resistance. I chalked the latter up to lots of accessories on a heavy bike but it didn't feel right. After a recent ride I noticed little black dots clinging to the hub and wheel which I quickly determined to be rubber. Well I knew the fenders rubbed a little but not that much. After some poking, prodding, and general head scratching I decided to disassemble the fender and rack at at the end of the stay to see why the fender was so close to the top of the tire. What I found was that the upper screw was resting on the top of the hole on the mounting bracket and if I reassembled it with that screw first making sure the screw was touching the bottom of the hole in the bracket, I got JUST enough clearance to stop the tire and fender from rubbing. If the fender stays were .25” longer the fender would have more space between the fender and the top of the tire without a redesign of the fender bracket which would be better.

TerraTrike Rover
Front Gearing: Schlumpf High Speed Drive 27/67.5 170mm cranks
Rear Gearing: 8-Speed(W) Sturmey Archer
Wheels: Stock Aluminum Wheels
Tires: Schwalbe Big Apple 20 x 2.0 tire
Pedals: PowerGrip Pedals
Brakes: Stock Unique 160mm Disc Brakes
Brake Levers: Sunlite Locking Parking Brake
Computer: HTC Evo 4g
Seat: Stock Mesh Seat
Headrest: TT Headrest
Rack: Aluminum Rear Rack
Trike Bags: Commuter Bag, Seat Bag, & 20L Panniers
Fenders: Full Fender Kit
Water Bottle Cage: 3x Black
Safety Mirror: Double Mirrors
Bell/Horn: Bee rotary bell / Airzound horn
Lights: Magicshine (2)front 808 rear 818

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