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I am seriously considering buying a new path trike. I have had some back problems, especially in my lower back, so I have a terrible time riding a normal bike. After a LOT of online research, I think that the Terra Trike Path is my best bet. It looks like the best bang for the buck (which is very important) and I hope it is a good one to start out with. However, I'm not sure which to get, the 3 or 8 speed. I probably won't be doing more than riding it around my small town and the roads are quite level; no big hills or anything. Does anyone have any advice?


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    I would definitely get the 8 speed. It is not much more money and gives much more flexibility in the gearing. If you do get the 8 speed, ask if they can swap out the Crank for a 32T rather than the stock path Crank of 46T. This gives a much better gearing range in case you run into some up hill spots, and the gearing would be equivalent to the Rover 8 speed of 24"-79". There is a post on this forum about someone wanting to switch their Path 3 to an 8 speed. here is the link. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=307 You can see that if you do it after you purchase it, it is more expensive to convert it to 8 speeds.
  • Nugeman,

    I do not own a Path, I just picked up my TT Tour yesterday.
    In regards to 3 vs 8 speeds, If the roads are all level then get the one that matches your budget.

    I just got back from my first ride (10 miles) on the new trike and I feel great.
    The time is about the same I would do on my Cruzbike only this was with a 25 mph wind.
    I should have done this years ago.

  • More gears is not just about hills. Please consider?

    When riding, ideally, everyone should pedal at a constant rate (Cadence) of around 70-85 RPM. So how then does one increase or decrease speed? By up-shifting, or down-shifting. So, if you want to go faster, you do not pedal faster, rather you up-shift into a 'taller' gear.

    If you have a one-speed, you only have one *perfect* speed to go, any other speed is either pedaling too fast, or too slow.

    Same idea with a three-speed, you have less cruising speed choices.

    I went from an upright bike with 21 speeds, to a Rover with 8 speeds. As the low gear and high gear are about the same, the only thing I lost by going to the eight-speed, was less cruising speed choices. Since I rarely ride with others, I do not care.

    NOTE: on the 21 speed, it was not a true 21 different gears, as there was some overlap, it actually has bout 16 different gears.
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