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I picked up my Rover 1 week ago from The Bike Shop. Ray is the Man! I picked up a set of deluxe fenders and put them on myself. Only issue was the right brake kept rubbing so I took it to the shop and the repair guy added a spacer and checked everything out at no charge. Great service.
On order: Head rest, rack, locking brake levers. I purchased the Cateye Strada computer and mounted it also a bell and a Megahorn, TT flag, and one from BlueSky. I reallly enjoy riding the bike :D Rode 4 miles the first day and about 1/2 mile one evening. Took me a day and half to mount fenders, bell, computer. I took my time and was real careful not to mess anything up. I havenot ridden a bike since my mid 30's and I am 64 now. Have plans to ride this coming Monday and Tuesday. I am in Anchorage so if anyone else wants to get together and ride lets make a group. I noticed a couple more new Rovers at the shop when I picked mine up also a crusier.
Enjoy the summer and ride safely!! :P


  • Wish I was there, I would go riding with you. I spent a week on vacation in Anchorage about 8 years ago. I loved it up there, went up in July, rented an airplane and flew over some glaciers,and down to Seward. Great seafood too... Happy riding on your Rover.
  • Wolfsong,

    Would love to have a word with you off forum - would you email me
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