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I just bought a camcorder, but unfortunately I forgot to purchase a SD memory card? My question is does it matter what SD card I buy or does my camcorder need a specific SD card?
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  • What make/model of camcorder??
    Sony (generally) uses their own brand Memory Stick......
    If you're talking "straight" SD cards.....I'd look for one with a Class 6 or higher rating....If your camcorder is capable of shooting in 1080i format (HD)...then the higher the card rating, the better (faster shoot/load time).....
    Try to get 2 or 3 cards with "modest" memory capacity (ie., 8GB or so.....)......I learned the HARD way....if you try to squeeze a lot onto a 16 or 32GB card...and something happens - an accidental erasure/ reformat, random electrostatic discharge, or other're wiped out.....Shooting LESS info per card - and changing out cards as needed - just MIGHT save your skin when you're shooting "one-of-a-kind" that trip to Hawaii....or triking up Everest...... :mrgreen:
    Good luck!
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