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Hi. Just an intro post as a new Cruiser owner.

Got a deal on a less-than-one-year-old Cruiser with some nice accessories for under the price of a new Cruiser. First time trike/recumbent for me so it's a new world! Heh.

Things I am already considering updating: rear wheel to 26" option, adding fenders, possibly adding a small fairing, dual drive/rohloff(in my dreams/when I win the lottery)/Nuvinci or Shimano Nexus internal rear hub. Oh, and am tring to find a place to refit, resculpt and repair "the engine itself".

My "concerns" thus far include keeping up wtih my Diamond frame and 2-wheel high racer recumbent friends on group rides, touring on three wheels, relearning mainteance as it pertains to trikes, and on and on --- my
mind never sleeps! Oh, and of course, did I give up something mportant (like warranty issues) when I bought second hand?

Anyway, hi.
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  • Okay - gotta a question.

    Fenders - $99 for the TerraTrike fenders or ~$60 for Planet Bike fenders.
    ---Which rattle less? Which provide better coverage?
    TT Cruiser (me)
    TT Rover (Dad)
    blog: http//
  • I have the Terra Trike Deluxe Fenders on all three wheels and they don't rattle at all ... not a peep!
  • One thing to consider? *IF* you are thinking about getting the "Big Apple" 2" tires - they will not fit with the front fenders, but they do fit well with the rear fender. Just a thought for you to consider?

    I bought my Rover with the deluxe fender kit, and then later upgraded my tires, so had to remove the front fenders. The change to the ride made it all worth it in my opinion - but I am also a big guy...
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