Chain jumps off front outside idler

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I have a zoomer and have had quite a few problems with the chain jumping off the front outside idler. This happens when riding on a rough surface at fairly good speeds. I read the topic on chain length and my chain length seems to be ok. I have noticed that (for better wording) chain retention bracket on the front idlers does not seem to extend to the outside edge of the outside idler. Any ideas will be appreciated.


  • From our tech guy:

    "The chain is retained in the idlers by an L shaped bracket.

    Is the L bracket bent or damaged in anyway? With proper installation and an undamaged/not bent L bracket, the chain will not jump out of the idlers.

    The bracket is not the entire width of the idlers; however, it should still retain the chain."

    If this doesn't help, give us a call and talk to one of the techs!
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • I do not believe that the L-bracket is damaged or bent but I will check that a little closer. Thanks for your response.
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