Duel mirror and flags anyone.

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Ok I'm runnig duels now 2 flags and now two mirrors. Just added my second mirror today. So happy.


  • I would not ride with anything less than two mirrors anymore.

    It is surprising to find out just how much you CAN NOT see with just one mirror!

  • We just added our second mirrors too. They do make it harder to squeeze through some places though. Don't have a second flag pole yet.
    Over the weekend, we saw 17 bent riders and not one of them had a flag.
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  • Becareful don't try and bend it to the place where it touchs your accesssory mount because I broke my Trek flag pole the Bell hey those take a licking and keep on ticking. Woud love to home make a canopy so I can ride year round the Velo canopy that's ike almost 700
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    I ordered my Rover with dual mirrors...and then purchased a stickon convex mirror (you know, the 'objects in mirror are closer than they appear' type) and put that onto my right hand mirror. Now I have plenty of sight to the rear...although often going through narrow openings onto bike paths I have to fold one in to clear. I rode motorcycles over 40 years, would not be satisfied without maximizing views to what is coming up behind me.
  • I have dual mirrors and dual flags. On some trails I hit my mirrors but not all. I have an orange flag and the green bent rider flag with three streamers. I have emailed with Barbara at dwflags.com about two other flags, a triangle with a symbol and a rectangle that says "I "heart" my trike."

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  • I started with a terra flag, which has velcro on its trailing edge and some short streamers, maybe 4 or 6" long. I added 3 red ribbons each about 3 feet long. Then after seeing someone with a flashing beacon, I bought a flashing light meant to be put on the end of a safety flag, but it would not fit on the terra flag unless I cut the material at the top to get to the fiberglass pole. Instead I put a short stiff rod about 12 inches long on the other side of the seat, and put the flashing beacon on it. I like the placement as it puts the light right at eye level of drivers view. But I am disappointed in the flasher itself...it shows up fine in the dark but is vitually useless in the daylight, no where near as bright as my red rear flasher light (that I keep on at all times.) Another feature of it that I do like is that it is motion sensitive...the slightest move of the Rover starts it slashing, and it stops about 20 seconds once I stop. Nice feature as I leave it on ALL the time without running batteries down.

    I am tempted to buy an emergency led flasher intended for lifejackets, as it is MUCH brighter. This is an ACE unit, white...which technically would be a violation as CA vehicle codes forbid white lights to the rear. But I would rather be a scofflaw than be hit. What is stopping me for now is the ~$65 cost of the bright ACE LED beacon. (ACE makes one that is smaller for about $25, but as I haven't seen one in person I'm afraid it might not be as bright as I'd like.)

    Sure would be nice if TerraTrike came out with an affordable BRIGHT flashing light, of any color, on a stiff 18" pole as a companion to the long flexible safety flag. (I'd be more than willing to 'Alpha Test' one for them!) :D
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