Has anyone found a car spacious enough to hold a TT tandem?

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We're expecting to replace our car in the next year or two, and would ideally like the replacement to be able to hold our Terratrike Rover Tandem by just rolling it on board. So far, we've ruled out everything we've tried, including the Ford Flex and Expedition EL. The Ford E150 commercial van with only driver and front passenger seat installed can do it, but has anyone managed to fit a TT tandem inside any passenger car without having to disassemble anything first?


  • MrJim, I recently replaced my Chevy pick-up and like you wanted a vehicle large enough to transport my trike inside. I then convinced my wife we should try a tandem and have recently taken delivery our our Rover Tandem. When I started looking for a alternate vehicle, interior space was the primary consideration. Looked at all the mini-vans and decided upon the Dodge Grande Caravan. With the "stow-n-go" seating package, all seats in the 2nd. and 3rd. row fold flat into the floor. This leaves a totally flat space without having to remove and store away any seats. I removed the center console (not functional except more drink holders and small waste basket) and I can roll the Rover Tandem, rear wheel first, fully into the Caravan without having to break-down the Rover. I do release the stoker seat recliner posts to allow the seat to flex forward, avoiding conflict with the front passenger seats of the van. My Rover is fully extended to the max. on the boom and I have a rear finder in place. Total length is 119". I figure the Caravan could "ingest" a tandem of 122" length.
    Don't know you opinion on Dodge vehicles, but I bought the lowest trim model except for the "Stow-n-Go" seats. This priced out at about 50 -60% of the price of the other popular mini-vans. All the others require you to remove the middle row of seats, or if they fold flat, do not fold into the floor, thereby losing additional interior capacity. With the "Stow-n-Go" you aways have all your seating capacity if you need to haul people instead of trikes. While I've only had the Caravan a couple of months, I'm really pleased with it and the great utility if offers.
    Now, at least you know someone has an answer to you inquiry. Hope this helps, Roland.
  • I believe it will fit in a Honda Odyssey Van. We have an Odyssey and used to haul our Sun EZ-Tandem in it. The EZ-Tandem is long and we would put the rear wheel between the front seats. The rear seat folds into the floor and the mid bucket seats come out of the van. We were at the Hostel Shoppe rally and I measured a Rover tandem and using those measurements it would fit within the dimensions of our van.

    We used to own a Dodge Grand Caravan. It was the older one where you had to remove all the seats. When it was time for a new van we looked at the Chrysler vans, but decided against one because of the Stow-n-Go seats. We liked the idea of the seats staying with the van, but where the rear seat folds into the floor there is a substantial rise in the floorboard. I do not think this would be an issue with a trike, but we also haul a Stratus and Gold Rush and with their high handlebars, they would not clear the ceiling without lowering them, so we went with the Honda. The Honda floor is completely flat with no rise.
    John Werner
    Rover Tandem Alfine 11 /w IPS
  • We just picked up our new TT Tandem Pro from Coventry Cycle Works in Portland. We hauled it home in our 2014 Honda Odyssey by removing the center 3 seats and console between the driver and passenger seats. The trike went in completely assembled, with fenders front boom extender where an LED Blinder front light straps. This adds about 2 inches to the overall length of the trike. Going in rear wheel first put the stoker's seat back tightly between the Honda's driver's seat and passenger seat. While driving, the edge of the trike's seat back just touched my shoulder. But this didn't present any problems on the 190 mile drive back home. Because the trike is somewhat wedged in the Odyssey, there is no need to strap it down. It sure beats pulling a trailer or carrying it on top. There is plenty of room on either side of the trike for other items. In fact, we placed the center console next to the trike on the ride home. The trike did not obstruct my view in the rear view mirror. In fact, I couldn't even see the trike in the mirror. Neat fit!

    Laura and Mike
  • Just fits into my Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Stow n Go with seats down. (perfectly) which I am about to sell in a few weeks.
    Summerville, SC
    Tandem Pro
  • don't know if your interested but we transported our trike on a 4x8 harbour fright trailer 300 bucks. and had room to store our gear. very light wt

  • My wife and I just took delivery of our Rover tandem and it fit perfectly within our Dodge Grand Caravan with stow-and-go seats. We're hoping that it will fit just as well in a Chrysler Pacifica which we are looking to trade in for within a year.
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