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I commute from Fort Calhoun to downtown Omaha and have seen not a single trike except at the 2011 Corporate Cycling Challenge! I rarely even see a recumbent at all. Someone drop me a line.


  • Now Mike doesn't ride all alone. He and his wife have Terratrikes, my wife bought one this fall, and another recumbent rider bought one for his wife. We are all members of a group of recumbent riders in Omaha called the County Cruisers. If anyone is interested in buying a Terratrike in or around Omaha, you can buy them at XTreme Wheels in Council Bluffs, you can order them through The Bike Rack in Omaha (but you have to tell the salesperson - there are none on the floor, and some sales personnel aren't even aware of them). The Used Bike Store in Lincoln also handles them.

    Drop me a line if you have any questions.
  • I live in Lincoln Ne, and got my Cruiser from the Used Bike Shop. It is a super friendly store that almost always have TerraTrikes in stock.

    Several time a year I drive up to Omaha and ride with the County Cruisers. They too are a super friendly recumbent club. They welcome both bents, trikes, and DF bikes with rides once a month.
  • I dont know about an ave day in Omaha for sure, but trikes are sure popular here in Lincoln.  Just today while driving my wife and I saw 3 along one street that has a bike trail.
  • I brought my trike to work a couple weeks ago with the intent to ride during lunch.  I have been going across the river on the Veteran's Memorial Bridge, sometimes around Lake Manawa, and a couple different ways back to the Pedestrian Bridge to get back into downtown.  Great ride!  I see a few bents almost every time I'm near Lake Manawa.
  • My husband I enjoy triking on a Rover tandem on the paved River trails, especially between NP Dodge Park and Carter Lake Park.  We would love to find the triking friends to ride with.  We have seen just one other tandem in the Omaha area.  Biking friends would be okay too!
  • I am new to the Terra Trike ownership. I have a Rambler and I am interested if there are others in the Omaha area that have Terra Trikes or other Recumbents that get together to ride and visit? Please answer me here. I am older and my husband and I are excited about new biking adventures.
  • Maybe we could start a new group in this area if there isn't one already established. Waiting to hear from someone. :)
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    Go to and create an account.  Then you will be able to see all riders in your area.  There are several in both Omaha and Lincoln.  You might also look for groups on Facebook. 
  • Thank you Florida_bound, I took your suggestion and I didn't find any open groups in Omaha. I was able to locate one individual in Omaha and has sent a message. I will keep trying. Hope all is well with you.
  • Did you look at Facebook?  There are riding group pages on there.  Also, if you click on My Terratrike above and create an account, there is a map of all Terra Trike owners.  You might be able to contact some of them for rides.
  • In Lincoln we have a group on Lincoln Trikers. When the weather warms up we do a first and third Saturday IceCream ride. Varing distance and destination, depending on rider ablity and weather. We have done 3 to 24 miles.
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