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I just recently got a Rover TerraTrike 3-Speed. I live in the Northern Neck of Virginia but head up to the Waldorf area of Maryland quite frequently. Would like to get up with others to find out about some good biking trails. Right now I only bike around my neighborhood. Thanks
Howard Gebeaux
Northern Neck, VA


  • Hey hgebeaux, I know you posted in 2010, but maybe you have made some connections for group rides. I live in Va Beach. My new Rover X7 arrives in a few days. Would like to do some group rides.
  • Good to have you on board, Muk. I don't live near you, but I just have to ask.. What's a Rover X7? You're buying seven of them? ;)
  • mukieschmitt,

    I see you are in Va Beach. I also live their (off Great Neck Road) and have a trike Some Other Brand (SOB) and would be interested in getting together and ride a bit. I have found one group in the Northern Va and Maryland area but have not touched base with them yet. Not sure about the rules on this forum about posting links to them. Send me a PM if you are interested in that group. Sure wished we could get a group closer to home here.

    I haven't been triking that long but enjoy it. Going to be getting my wife a Trike in the Spring.

    Jeff aka "tiewunon"
  • The Rover X7 is a Rover modified by Utah Trikes to be 27-speed with a 26-inch rear wheel.

  • Phuber,

    Here is a link to some NOVA and Maryland groups.

  • I live in SW VA and have ridden a Rover w/ 8 for 3 years. A tandem was purchased, but have not used it for 2 years  due to partner's arthritis. It seems best to sell the tandem attachment, tool bag, and drink holder even though it is a real loss that we are unable to ride together. Let me know if there is an interest in  purchasing the tandem attachment.

  • Does anybody live in the tidewater area, I am just getting into trike riding and looking to talk to people with experience.
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