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Me and my wife just got new ROvers. Any other MN TT riders out there?


  • I have been an owner for 10 years. I keep a terra trike at my daughters house in Greenville SC, another in Phoenix and one here in Maplewood, Mn plus a Rover tandem so my wife can ride with me. I have ridden my "home" trike on 7 RAGBRAI rides. Is there ever a gathering of trikes in Michigan?
  • My wife and I are in Minnesota and are looking for nice rides to take on paved trails. She rides a Terra Trike Tour and I ride an ICE Trike Adventure HD-RS model. I was in an auto accident in Dec.2012 and broke my neck and had a cervicale fusion of 4 vertebrea. Riding a conventional bike is no longer possible but riding the trikes is a great for way for us to get out and do something physical and spend time together. We lice south of the metro area in Northfield.
  • I just bought a rover today. Can't wait to get out and ride it. We are looking for a used one for my husband. If you hear of one let me know. Thanks. We are in the St. Cloud area.
  • I live in the St. Cloud area. I've had a recumbent for many years. Just bought a Traveler today. Liked the folding of it as was tired of bike racks. We also have a place on Mille Lacs
  • I live in St. Cloud and cruise around town on my Rover whenever its not raining.
  • New member on a older Terra Trike converted to a Quadracycle. Living in the Bemidji area. Want to add a mid drive before I turn 70 next Oct.
  • Can you show us a picture of your ride?
  • Hello Minnesota riders. My wife and I plan to travel from Michigan to Rochester, MN on April 19th to ride on trails in southern Minnesota. We will be there for 9 days of riding. Hopefully, the weather will co-operate. :-)

    Some of the trails we have researched and hope to experience are:
    Douglas State Trail
    Great River Ridge Trail
    Harmony Preston Valley Trail
    Shooting Star State Trail
    Cannon Valley Trail
    Root River State Trail
    Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

    Any tips/comments about these and any other trails would be appreciated.
  • I'm up by St Cloud, got my trike a year ago. Looking at riding paved trails. Have a Rover.
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