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Just seeing how many riders in Lincoln area.


  • I live in the downtown area.
  • I know of Jeannen's the Lincoln leader of the County Cruisers recumbent bike group located in Omaha.  Casual, short rides and good company.  Rides once a month in the spring and summer months.  I know of two other Lincoln trike riders.  Email me at, or look up County Cruisers Omaha on Facebook.

  • Greetings!
    After a wonderful few years, it is time for me to sell my TerraTrike (v3.3) It is in very good condition--save for the mesh seat which is developing some holes. I would be grateful for feedback that would: 1) Help me establish a fair asking price range; and 2) Identify other online sites where I selling this kind of item might raise some interest.
    There is one provision: The buyer must pick up the trike in Lincoln, NE or within a reason driving distance of the city.
    Thanks, in advance, for any comments or suggestions!
  • I'm not interested in TerraTrike at this time, but besides this site, you might consider BentriderOnline they have a "Trikes for Sale" specific category that likely would get interest. There is also Craigslist. As far as pricing it - try looking at others for sale to see what they are going for. I did read one persons thoughts suggesting starting point at cost + accessories Minus $500 and then times 67%. again that was his suggested starting point - and adjustments might still be made for age of trike and condition.
    Good luck.
  • More from Paul in Nebraska...
    It's always something.
    In my earlier posting (on January 9th) I not only incorrectly listed the version of the TerraTrike I am selling, but my correct email address. Mea culpa. Here is the correct information...

    For sale: TerraTrike, Version. 3.1
    Email address:
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