WV 1st --- maybe :)

I just got my Rover yesterday and until then never seen a Recumbent. I'm just getting started.


  • Welcome to the club.  Start slow and don't over do it.  Don't try any hills until your confident that your legs and knees can take the strain.  The Rover is great that it has one of the smallest turning radius which is perfect for slow speed maneuvers, but very twitchy at high speed (over 20 mph).  Be carefull on any downhill rides and don't be afraid to ride the brakes.  First time out I tried a high speed turn and hit some sand, got up on two wheels for about 2 seconds, then went over on my left side.  Scraped a bit of paint off the fender braces and ripped up a good jacket, but mostly wounded pride.  Lesson learned - start slow and master the beast with repetition and respect.  Recumbents are hard to see due to their low profile and roadies will be coming up on you at speed.  Get some lights to be seen and mirrors - both sides to see whos' sneaking up on you.  Those roadies are flying and they are silent.  The majority don't say a word before they overtake you on the left, probably because they are passing so many other trail users.  Get a cheap bell to warn others of your approach.  Kids on training wheels will pull out even when looking right at you.  Cute but dangerous.  Enjoy your new ride and use it often.
  • Thanks for the reply's, and noted!  :)
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