transporting tour II and some mods/upgrades in Winston Salem NC

My wife and I bought two Tour II base models. I have a gmc truck with a hard folding cover to transport them. Trikes barely fit and only after taking the rear wheel off. After adding fenders they hit the cover. I ended up deflating from tires and making some quick release mods for the rear fender and luggage rack. Also purchased a cheap pancake air compressor with a pressure regulator. I keep it in the back of the truck charged and set to correct tire pressure. Easy to inflate tires without having to keep gauging. I fabricated a holder for the frames out of pvc for about 8 bucks. If anyone is interested I can send or post pics.



  • Now I'm worried.  I have a Ford F150 6.5 foot bed that measures 6' 3" on the inside with the liner.  My longest Rover is 6' 1" and have two to put back there.  Probably put in one front to back and the other back to front like I had them in the Expedition.  Haven't tried fitting them in yet as there is still over 3' of snow on the ground as well as rock hard snow in the bed.  Next week it will be in the 40's and some melting is expected.  Other than the fitting of the trikes there is no reason to get them into the truck bed as there is nowhere around here to go.  My doctor carried in his fatbike to the office this morning and said that at 5 degrees the snow is perfect for fatbikes on the trails.  Good thing he had neoprene hand covers on his handlebars.
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    Hey RR.  The cover could be supported and carry them on top, or I could fold the cover up and wouldn't have to go through the "ritual", but I like to keep them covered and out of the elements :-)
    I'll try to get some pics up soon.  Trying to figure out how to take my small (12lb) dog riding with us.  I might make a pvc side car anchored to the frame LOL.  It's finally warming up here.  I"m looking forward to a ride on the NEW RIVER TRAIL in virginia and do some fishing along the way :-)
  • RR
    I'll check out the Walmart trailer.  Thanks for the idea.  Rode the New River Trail in VA about a month ago.  a bit rough for my liking.  pea gravel, horse shoe divots all along the way.  I think the family and I are going to Durham Saturday and ride the Neuse River trail.  

    I DO remember the movie scene.  I love the vacation movies.  ESPECIALLY CHRISTMAS VACATION LOL

    weather is getting nice bud :-)
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