Thurs Sept 2nd Ride Call

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Okay i picked a thursday cause i can ride and i know a few others. So lets make this night a Get together. all we have to do is decide which place. Im hoping there will be a Few of us so im oaky with the white pine or the Muskatawa or kent trail...
Would everyone mind if it was a mixed group of Peeps or you want this to be a trike only ? im thinking meet at trail head at 630 ? and then ride from there. Maybe even find a ice cream store someplace or resturant after for some lies.. I mean trike/bike talk.

So who is in ?


  • I'm game, but it depends on my work project right now.

    The more the merrier along as I'm not slowing down and speed-demon wedgie bikers. I've only have a few rids on my new Rover and having ridden a pedal bike more that a few times in the past 5 years or so.

    My Rover fits nicely, even fully assembled, in the back of my Forester so anywhere within a reasonable drive from Grand Rapids is fine by me.

    There is another group ride held bi-weekly by I've wanted to attend but did not have my Rover until a couple weeks ago. Looks like they go at a reasonable pace. Don't know how they feel about trikes.
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    i dont know any wedgie riders that will come. I ride a 2 wheel recumbent
    Dont worry about pace its about Fun and getting to know each other. The only time pace comes into play is when i yell first one back to car buys icecream for the group.. then it really slows down hahahaha.
  • Count me in, I will ride my trike. Brian go ahead and ride your rans F5, I hate the idea of you stealing your wife's trike, may be you could ask her and she would let you!! Better yet, you ride yours and hopefully your wife and the little guy will ride along, your little family looked so cool when I saw you riding the other Saturday night. Biking/triking is a family event. From the sounds of it we have a variety of age groups. So come on West Michigan show us your Trikes :mrgreen:
  • i'm in if the weather is nice. kiersten (cows) and i met up today and rode 39 miles! -margie
  • I think I can make the 2nd! What time and where? I should be flexible for any time.

    I rode with PedalGR and had a good time. I was the only trike. The organizers have a tandem with a recumbent seat up front and a wedgie seat in the back. About 25-30 people I'd guess. Roadies. Mt. bikes. Commuters. A folding bike--unfolded of course. A couple fixes--fixed gear bikes. Neat idea but I love to coast down the other side after a nice climb.
    (started the Garmin late)

    Went over a new bridge at about the 1 hour 15 min. mark on my ride. It was an old train bridge quite a distance over the Grand River. Nice benches in the middle. Not really open to the public since the south ramp up to it was not landscaped and not really open. ;)
  • we are going to meet at the ANN street parking lot at 630 PM.
    take the Ann street exit and go East. it will be only Parking lot on North side of road. Its as soon as you cross the Bridge. From the way it sounds we are going to have some riders showing up.
    This will be a No drop ride i will ride with however needs a Partner.

    I hope everyone can come. If someone needs a ride please give me a call at
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  • Well make sure you check back here at 4 pm. If the weather stilll looks crappy i will make the choice not to ride.
    for those of Us on my biking email list i will send out a Email at 4 pm. Its calling for a 60% of rain staring from 5 and ending at 9.
  • Well i just looked at the radar. IM out for tonight. Im not driving 45 mins with a chance of rain. Sorry lets try again soon.
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