Chain ring sizes

Hello, I am close to purchasing a tour ll. I want the back wheel to be 26 inches.  I know that I will lose some climbing ability.  To regain that climbing ability I want the chain rings to be 22-32-42 and the cluster to be from 12 - 34.

I will not be the fastest trike out there, but I am going to primarilly use it for camping/touring with a BOB trailer anyway.

Any comments are welcom.




  • Hi jamesr, thank you for the feedback.

    The 16 - 91 gear inches fits right in where I want to be. I am a little rusty in calculating.

    I currently tow the BOB with my RANS LWB Stratus. Very secure, don't even know it's back there. Going to trikes because of balance issues.

    I ended up ordering a couple packs of extra lock pins as they break. Even resorted to small zip ties when on tour.

    I will have to check our sprocket/bash guards, thanks.

  • Hi Chrissy57, thank you for the feedback.

    I do not mind getting shorter crank arms. I have heard that the crank will be lowered, I will investigate this.

  • Jamesr: been awhile since i had the bob. didnt care for it because it torques the frame in turns.

    Can towing a BOB trailer potentially cause frame failure on a tour II ? I will primarily be road touring.

  • Hi Chrissy57, thank you for your feed back.

    Speed is not my driving force. I don't care if I top out at 15mph(though i think it will be faster).

    By going to 22-32-42 front chain rings and 12-34 cluster my gear inches will be 16-91(I am a little rusty calculating) which is very close to the stock 20" of 19-90.

    Mostly camping/touring with a lot of 'smelling the flowers' thrown in.

    Also, I plan on being in Seattle WA on May 30 next year, taking a modified northern tier route ending around Ann Arbor, MI about mid-August.

  • crissy57 and jamesr: Thank you both for your knowledge. 

    My main concern with the 20" rear wheels is the proximity of the bottom of the rear deraillure to what I call the 'splash zone' and the wear that road dirt would have on the chain/deraillures/idlers. Along with the rough ride the smaller wheels give.

    Is the 24" rear wheel a good compromise and can it be assembled without the need of an adapter?

  • I had an alfine 8 igh on my REI bike..road it for years, never a problem and I really liked it..The only problem with it was the range... I spun out to easily.  So when I got the traveler I got it with the alfine-11 and schlumph HSD..  it is great.  Big range, smooth to shift..for me I just like it much better than the "traditional" gearing.  But I also acknowledge that the hsd is not cheap ...though could be worse if you wanted Rohloff 14  ;-)
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