Silver Springs/Ocala

Just bought my Rambler GT at Sun City Cycles in Inverness.  I am undergoing treatment for colon cancer and my normal TREK's bike seat isn't butt friendly.  I'm limited to putting around the neighborhood for least til I can loose this IV pump I have to wear 24/7.   Love my RamblerGT!!!


  • Sorry to hear about your colon cancer. I have a numb knee and want to find a trike to use while I winter in N. Ft. Myers this coming Oct.. Is it still for sale & what are you asking for it ?
  • jwiniewicz2,  when you get down to SWFl, let me know on this site.  I am in Naples and looking for others to ride with.  I have bad knees also and don't want to go great distances.  Riding with others would be very helpful for me.
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