I am going across the US on my Terratrike tour II GT

folks, I’m an older gent out of Michigan here, I am going across the US on my
Terratrike tour II GT on paved roads (getting ready to buy the tour II now,
have to put some miles on it) in the later portion of summer 2016. I will not have
to pack all my stuff on the trike as I will have van support. I plan on about
60 m/d with rest stops about every 10 days. Here are my questions; planning on front
tires to be Schwalbe trykers 20 x 1.50, and back tire to be Schwalbe marathon
mondial 26 x 2.00. Chain rings to be 22,32,44 and the rear cluster will be
12/36 or 11/34 (for 15/99 or 16/100) gear inches. I plan on bringing along
extra tires (3), and extra tubes (6) and extra disk brake pads (2). I have limited
knowledge of mechanics, I know how to change/patch flats, how to repair a
broken chain (carry a 9 inch section of chain with me), and how to change and
install a broken spoke. Over the winter I plan on learning how to change brake/shifter
cables and brake pads and what a king pin is and how to adjust it, then how to adjust
the alignment. Oh,
also I will have clipless pedals and shoes with the usual helmet etc… What am I missing? Other than a lot of road time to get ready. I
would appreciate your thoughts and advice. Thanks, Gbike.


  • Go with the Marathon Plus tires and extra tough inner tubes. You may never have a flat!. The downside is that they are super hard to mount.

    Sounds like a fun trip. lights, especially a very good rear blinker. The Dinotte rear quad is the best light I have ever bought. Super intense, won't bleed out in the sun. Spendy, 180.00 but built solid. My last one lasted 15 years, and I only replaced it because I wanted their newer model.

  • Even if you're having the support van follow you with 4 ways on. . . Make your trike as visible as possible; lights, flags, ribbons, there are a lot of posts on that subject. I for one have a Camelback style canteen backpack mounted to my seat and the drink tube comes over my shoulder - no multiple bottles mounted to the frame and less stops for refills. A good set of 2 Way radios to communicate with your support van might be good idea. If you enjoy music while you ride - a bluetooth speaker for whatever device you use; headphones are a bad idea on a trike, bike, car, etc. . . Some speakers are cylindrical and fit well into a bottle frame. Plan your route; map out Terratrike dealers, reputable hotels, stuff you'd like to see, (God forbid) medical facilities and anything else you can think of. I don't think you can over-plan for an event like this.

    I commend you for your ambition and wish you the best of luck. It's nothing I would ever attempt, but the above stuff is what I would do if I did.
  • Have your route so others can join in for segments. I have three blinking rear red lights. Each side of the seat and one on top of the headrest.
  • how did the trip turn out?

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