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Finally, I got my bike. I got a good deal on a path plus. Now starts my weight loss adventure. I'm starting at 335 Lbs I'm 6'2" I want to reach 205-215. I will try to accomplish this in 1 year, after all It took years to get here. I know if left to my self I would get on and ride till I can't walk. Ill hold back and put maybe 1 mil out and back for awhile, then increase to 50 mils per day LOL. I live in Milton, Fl if there is anyone who wants to ride, let me know.


  • jimbee, wish I were still living up in Ft Walton but now I'm way down in SWFL.

    When I lived up there, I used to ride a regular bike on residential streets.  There weren't many bike paths available.  Hope you find some and other riders.  Your weather right now would be great for riding!
  • WAY TO GO JIMBEE! Is that boom going to work out for you? 
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  • Yes its funny, with my lag extended all the way and knee locked my foot is stretched to max. I'm 6'2" and I think I'll need to move the seat forward. I can't find the manual " its been discontinued" to see how it's supposed to adjust. Im thinking just like any bike my lag should not extend all the way at the bottom of the stroke. There should be a bend at the knee.
      On another note and as you will find out as I comment Im not bashful. I took her out this morning. I have a bike app and I went 2 mils in 18 min. Now this might not seem like a lot, but Im glad I turned around when I did. The last 100 yards were tuff. Im that out of shape. My biggest problem is getting off. Im having trouble sliding forward with nothing to grab to assist. I know it will get better once I have been riding more, but for now it's hard to stand right up.
      Do you know what the measurement of the boom would be? And where to measure from to see witch one I have?

  • Florida bound,
      The good thing is I have a 27 mil paved bike path running past my house. Thats 27 out and 27 back. Im in no hurry to complete that any time soon. The trike fits in my car with just about 4 " between the front seat. I will be transporting to Bike paths all around. Pensacola beach has a bike path that runes all along the dunes. Something Im looking forward to.
  • I didn't know Pensacola Beach had that path.  That would be awesome to ride.  Even going down to Navarre Beach and back would be great.  Is that 27 mile path an old train track route?

    There is nothing but large condo buildings along the be beach here.  And, the serious bike riders wouldn't tolerate a trike taking up so much room and not going fast enough.  I'll stay inland.

    Riding trikes are great.  Glad you enjoy it also!
  • Don't ya just love Karma....
  • Well I was wrong the trail is only 10 mils each way. I guess someone must have said it was 20 mils and I thought they meant each way. Anyway its still a good trail, and it will be a good challenge for me. 
      Florida bound: I have cut and past this for you.The trail follows the route of the old Florida & Alabama Railroad, operated by the Bagdad Lumber Company and used to ship milled lumber from Bagdad to Whitley, Alabama. The railroad stopped running in 1939, but when America entered WWII, the rails were rebuilt and used to ship aviation fuel to Whiting Field Naval Air Station. Pretty cool. Elrique64: Wow 60 rpm that sounds like a goal to me. Bring it on. Just slowly. There is a bike shop just off the trail, but in the past I tried to get parts and got the run around. I going to adjust my seat 1 inch at a time till I get it right. It would be nice to find someone who rides and we can look it over together. No biggy, its all good. Like they say "a bad day riding is better then a good at work"
  • Hey Jimbee, How's that program working out? Way to go. I'm in PCB for the 12th winter and saw my first recumbent trike in the flesh.and have been scouring the net trying to learn everything I can. I want one and after zooming down the parkade ramp on my mountain bike two days ago and loosing my grasp of the rear brake control, but not the front one... well the dismount was a little blurry, but I wondered as I slid along the concrete, "Is anything broken?" Nah and the road rash is healing. The helmet showed the integrity of the concrete floor was just fine.

    So I have pretty much talked myself and my wife into the investment.

    Milton's not too far off and we may cross paths yet. Saw a couple of Haas deltas in for service at Grayton Beach but no dealers with TTs in the area ... yet
  • Looks like your closest dealer is Gator Cycles in Gainesville.  There are no dealers in the panhandle and none in Alabama.  

    I think they prefer motorized cycles in that are.  I spent a lot of years up there.
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