How to tighten seat fabric?

My rover has a great fabric seat. After a year of riding, it has loosened, letting my behind uncomfortably press on the metal bits and the plastic buckles of the fabric. My stronger half and I TRIED to tighten the straps a bit, but we just can't buckle the straps after shortening it--it's too hard.
Is there some trick I'm missing?


  • Loosen the strap, fasten the buckle then pull the tab away from the buckle to tighten the strap.  That's the standard method for tightening that type of fastener. 

    Mine has not stretched that far yet.  It has some fraying and I believe it will need replacement before it gets to that point.
  • We tried that.
  • Is the clasp not holding the fabric tight?  They sell those at fabric stores.  If you have a sewing machine, you could replace it.

    But, a better option might be to buy a new seat cover.  I understand it's made from better material than the one furnished on a new bike.
  • I also cut down a piece of dense foam packing material I got from a printer or something (can't recall what it was) and slipped it in between the straps and the web material.  It made it more comfortable and warm in the cold weather.
  • Thanks everyone. It's not the clasps and I'm in Phoenix, AZ. A foam pad will insulate me enough to melt the fat off my behind. Sure, I bike for exercise, but it will break my sweetie's heart if I don't have a butt to squeeze.
    There is horizontal stichting that is pulled completely taunt, but the cloth between the stitching is loose. That might not make sense without a photo.
    Maybe a new seat is in order.
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    New seat sounds good.  You might want a cover to keep the seat cool while you're stopped at Dairy Queen too. I grew up in Tucson...I can relate.  

    I remember we had only a swamp cooler, no AC in the car, sand burrs in my socks, frequent punctures in my bike tires from goat heads and a l-o-n-g spine in my leg from a Palo Verde tree.  :((
  •   I thought about getting one of them whimsical t-shirts from Walmart to use as a seat cover.

      Am curious about the dense foam cushioning though. Is the material over the top of the metal bars or just in between them, with the seating wrapped around it?

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  • Get closed cell foam
  • I highly doubt you need a new seat so soon. But please post a pic to better help you
  •   Me? No, was more interesting the the foam conversations. I'm assuming the seat material wraps around a frame, though I've not taken it off to be sure. Was more interested in knowing if the closed cell foam goes over the top of the framework, or in between.

      Had searched on Google and CatTrike riders set foam over, though not one Terratrike anything showed where they put the seat foam with the exception of some that used yellow loose foam and sandwiched it in between the material & between the posts.

      Not sure what's up with a lot of forums, it's not like digital cameras is new and expensive technology. LOL But a photo can speak more then text can.

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      Did look for some foam padding at Wally's World but all they had was this super thin stuff that was limp. Not had a problem with a cold seat yet. Occasionally find myself sliding forward at times...probably an issue in finding a good comfortable position to ride in.

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  • I'm getting ready to use pool noodles (floats) on the metal seat tubing and some tubing in back for lumbar support. I'll see how it goes.
  •   Take photos too.

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  •   Did you noodle over the bars and inside the mesh, or just noodled the seat mesh?

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