replacement boom

I have a TerraTrike Tour II that has the 16 inch boom, I am looking for a 14 inch boom and do not know where I can order one, can someone guide me where I can order one please?   Thanks


  • Cut down the one you have?
  • Looking at the manual it seems you cant just simply cut the boom the end has functions to perform.

    I'm guessing it made of aluminum so cutting the middle and re-wielding might be out of the question for most wielding places.

    <div>Rover 8 speed internal. 26inch back rim. 3 ring crank in front. Bent front boom to clear ground after wheel upgrade. </div>
  • On that model, can you move the seat forward?
  • I got one ordered, thanks...........................
  • Update, the cost of replacement boom was kinda high, so I took the one I had and cut 4 inches out of the middle and welded it back together, worked out great and final cost was zero. Now later I may have to buy a new boom but worry about that later as the grandkids get bigger.

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