Hawaii is on the Rover map now!

Thanks to Taylor's help I was able to order a Rover/NuVinci tadpole today with shipping to McCully Bike shop in Honolulu for assembly. Very reasonable shipping cost of $255. Assembly will probably set me back another $120 or so but worth every penny to get the trike I want.


  • Congrats!  Are there many trails in Hawaii?
  • There are lots of hiking trails here on Oahu but no bike trails that I am aware of. There are some streets in Honolulu with designated bike lanes. The latest one on S. King Street is about 1.5 miles long and includes a berm to separate from the vehicular traffic. Not really a scenic route although it is convenient to a lot of businesses, supermarkets, restaurants and the like. There is a multi-use pathway at Ala Wai Park running along the Ala Wai canal close to my apartment. I will probably ride that one fairly often.

    Back in the 70s I rode a very light 27" 10-speed with sew-up tires. Completed the Century ride on that one in 9 hours 31 minutes. I used to ride 25 miles a day back then including a trip from Kailua on the Windward side of Oahu into Honolulu and back on Saturdays. On Sundays I would ride from Kailua up the Windward Coast to Laie or sometimes as far as Kahuku and back to Kailua.... round trip of about 40-50 miles. Can't do that sort of thing any longer. I'm 73 now with lower back problems and COPD. Part of the reason for getting the Rover is to hopefully get my lungs back into shape.
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    Fantastic!  Just remember to take it a little at a time.  I found riding a trike more difficult than a bike but it was more comfortable, the slower pace let me see the world, meet people and it's "butt friendly."  Today I reached my goal of 1,000 miles.  I bought my Rambler last August 18th when I retired.  Fortunately here in NW Arkansas we have an extensive trail system and I exploited it without a second thought.    \:D/  

    Michael, enjoy your new trike and ride, ride, ride....gently of course as you start.  Trikes are a blast.  I've recently started writing my own blog about my experiences.  I've added other useful information on riding and I'll continue to add things now that I have time to write.  http://www.trikesterhal.blogspot.com  I find that writing keeps me off the street and out of trouble, except when I'm riding. :)
  • It has arrived!! The lbs finished setup of my spiffy new Rover NuVinci today and I picked it up this afternoon. Only ridden it the two blocks from the lbs to home thus far but I'm already mightily pleased with it. Steering is a little stiff leading a very minor amount of tadpoling but that, I imagine, should straighten itself out in the near future. I'll need to find my tape measure so I can doublecheck the toe-in just to be sure. I'll also need to due a fit of fine tuning on the seat position and angle as well as the handlebars. Something to fuss'n'fettle with over the next days

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could maintain a 60 rpm cadence on the ride home. There may be hope for this old body of mine yet... at least once I get the lungs working like they should.

    For a bit of bling I have two Mirrycle mirrors to mount and a cute little brass bell to annoy the pedestrians with on those occasions when I need to ride on the sidewalk. Next on the order list that I'm building will be a rear carrier rack and rain cover plus a few other bits'n'pieces
  • Forgot to mention... the lbs charged me only $40 to do the final assembly and preliminary adjustments. Can't complain about that since I was prepared to pay upwards of $200!
  • James,

    Thanks for the tip on the capbolt. I'll try adjusting tomorrow morning before I set off on a ride along the Ala Wai canal. Only a bit more than a mile which I should be able to handle. Have to work up slowly to doing any sort of distance.
  • W'al, now.... things don't always go as planned. The start last week to regular daily rides didn't happen. Instead I took care of some necessary details including a visit to the doctor who informed me that I really needed to get my pneumonia vacccine so I ended up getting a shot of the stuff last Wednesday. Other priorities on Thursday then finally got to go out for a ride Friday morning to run some errands and go have a coffee and pastry breakfast. Only about 5 miles all told but I figured it would be a good start.... which it was but not for my riding. That little bit of exertion on a mildly warm day was enough to trigger a reaction to the vaccine shot. Flat on my back Saturday, Sunday, Monday until I could get in to see the doc on Tuesday. Got some antibiotics and other "stuff" to deal with it. Today, Saturday, eight days later I was finally able to get out and ride. Only 3.1 miles but I don't want to push it at this point. I'm still coughing and wheezing and feeling weak. Average speed according to my little bicycle computer was 5.2mph with a max of 10.1mph. My cadence was definitely slow... about 30-40rpm but that should improve as I get to feeling better.
  • Michael,  I hope you get better soon and back on the trike.  Slow and easy is fine.  Five to ten miles per hour is common on a trike for me and I'm enjoying the ride.  Hang in there and you'll do fine.
  • Sorry you had a reaction.  I had never heard of that before and I had no problems with my pneumonia shot.  It's something everyone should get as they age.  

    I was excited last week when I reached 8 mph on one split of my ride and did over 7 miles total.  Both were new highs.  I'm riding in a residential area which includes crossing roads which always slows you down.  I've been riding about 3 times a week since October.

    Don't worry about the numbers.  Just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!
  • Can't say for certain that it was a reaction to the pneumo shot but definitely brought me low. I'm almost back again... not coughing as much but still feeling weak. I did manage to get out for a short 1.5 mile ride yesterday to run a few errands. I got some lithium grease and some bling for the Rover. Two nice lights for the front accessory bar and a pair of tail lights that will take a bit of creativity to mount to my satisfaction. In the meantime I have been ordering dis'n'dat... got the aforementioned front accessory bar and a rear luggage rack which came quickly. Not so quick to arrive is a pair of Ragster II and Soho pedals. I'm still waiting on those... maybe the mailman will be nice to me today. Next on the list is a set of Big Apples with the proper tubes all around which I ordered this morning. Should prove to be a bit more cushy for my scrawny tushy... I hope. I'll probably only put on a mile or a bit less today. I have to go to the "Minute Clinic" up the street to get a shingles vaccine injection before the prescription expires.
  • Hmmm.... forgot to mention that I'm also waiting on a pair of Axiom 20 panniers to arrive. They should be just about right for my shopping expeditions.
  • The Axiom panniers arrived yesterday. I installed them this morning and they look quite nice. The proportions seem to be perfect for my intended usage.

    Today the mailperson brought my Nashbar Ragsters and Soho pedals. A bit late to prep and install them today. I hope to have them installed tomorrow.
  • Wanted to go for a ride this morning so I went downstairs and checked my tire pressure. One was down a bit so got my pump and aired it up. Took the pump back up to the apartment, came back down and who should pull up but the mailman with a box of Big Apples and tubes for me. Back up to the apartment to get my tools and pump, carry them all downstairs and set to work. Took me an hour to change all three tires working in the hot sun. First time uninstalling a wheel with a Nuvinci hub. Reinstalling it was a bit tricky since I was bent over and couldn't see what I was doing but I got it right on the third try. So now....

    My Rover has P-new-magic suspension ;-)

    Took it for a short 1.4mile ride to the LBS to get a Presta tire guage to carry in my panniers. Noticed little to no difference in rolling resistance and the bumps are a little less harsh. I'm running them at 45psi in the rear and 40psi in the fronts. Tomorrow I plan to try them out on the Ala Wai park trail. There is a section of asphalt there that is a bit of a washboard. It will be interesting to see whether the Big Apples smooth that out somewhat.

    For now it's time to take a short afternoon nap before it's time to take the dog for her afternoon walk.
  • False start yesterday. Wanted to ride the bike path around the Ala Wai canal but my daughter forgot to take her house keys when she went out. I had to wait until she got home to let her in and by then it was too late and too hot'n'humid to ride.

    Today was better. A bit of tradewind breezes so not as hot'n'humid. Got the laundry done early enough to go ride. The Ala Wai bike path is a 3.89 mile loop through Ala Wai park along one side of the canal, over a bridge and then back the other way on the Waikiki side of the canal. Including the ride to the bike path from home and the return leg a total of 4.22 miles. Made two stops along the way. The first was just long enough to take a drink from my water bottle before making the climb over the bridge (easier than I thought it would be). The second stop was at the far end of the canal where I met up with a fellow named Jesse who was riding a delta trike with a fairing on the front. Charming gentleman probably about the same age as me or a little older. We chatted for a bit and compared notes about our rides. In addition to the delta he also has a Cat and has ridden the Century which is remarkable since he wears a canula connected to a nebulizer and oxygen tanks which he carries in a basket on the rear. He said he rides the Ala Wai frequently so I can look forward to seeing him again from time to time.

    Didn't exactly ride at a blistering pace. 47.35 minutes, 5.3mph average and 11.1mph maximum speed. I wasn't trying to push myself... I just wanted to see if I could make the loop without overextending myself. I'm satisfied with the results which will undoubtedly improve over time.

    Plan for tomorrow? Maybe two laps of the canal or one lap including a swing around Kapiolani Park and the Waikiki Zoo.
  • After doing a bit of work on the Rover getting my chain properly tensioned I went for a short cafe jaunt and shopping trip. Had a nice piece of bread pudding and cup of excellent Waialua blend coffee then off to the King Street Bike Shop where I was finally able to obtain a pair of safety flags. Stopped by the bank of the way home to get quarters for Monday's laundry then to a store to buy 1/2 gal of milk and some candy.

    Today's ride 3.59 miles with average of 6.0mph and max of 12.5mph. Very windy but mostly crosswise to my directions of travel. Wind speed averaging around 7-9mph with gusts to 26mph. Variable direction what with swirling around the buildings here in Honolulu. Handling was a little bit twitchy at 12.5mph but I think that was mostly due to pilot decrepitude and road irregularities.

    Home now with my safety gear so now time to look for some bling on eBay. Thinking about one of Devil Woman's yellow happy face flags and some other flag to accompany it.
  • Took a while to find what I wanted. Ordered a Nirvana Smiley Face flag and a silly turtle flag both on yellow background and both from Devil Woman flags.

    I would love to see one with the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers mounted on trikes with the saying, "Keep on trikin' " but I guess it's not to be.
  • Ha! Some folks thought I might be just a-spoofin'... well, here's the proof. The backside of Honu with her flags, her Koi Nobori windsock and her faux license plate which arrived in today's mail.
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