Anyone know how to get the VA to get a disabled vet, a TT or if it is possible?



  • Florida, when you got yours in 2014, is it a standard Tadpole, or one with special adaptations?  And are you service connected?

    The reason I am asking is that ANY vet with the right medical conditions, especially those of us with cardio problems would benefit from having a ride.. I don't think its in the VA's best interest to limit them to Service connected vets, or ones with missing limbs or anything cause if I don't get this health problem under control, I may soon be loosing a limb or two to diabetes.
  • my daughter is on disability she was approved for one, she had to have her dr say she needed one for exercise and therapy, and that she needed to be able to ride it in a safe public skills, she sends dr statements into her rep they look it over and do whatever they and she was approved, they send check for exact amount made out to the vender 
  • I was never in the military but I worked for the AF for 26 years and their medical service for almost 20.  Most of my coworkers were veterans so I know a lot about the issues you brought up.  Also, my son is an AF pilot now complaining about active duty care. Wait until he gets to the VA!

    Having worked for the DoD for so long, I know you have to be persistent until you find the right person who will help you.  It's very hard to fire government employees so may just don't care.

  • it was thru ss
  • Guys, latest from VA here in Grand Rapids, Mich.. :

    Hi, sorry
    We asked the Recreational therapy department and this is their response
    Role:           Requesting facility

    Status:                DISCONTINUED
    Last Action:           DISCONTINUED

     Activity                Date/Time/Zone      Responsible Person  Entered By
    Per central office directive - exercise or sports equipment can not be
    issued by the VA

    Review comment made. Thanks. "

    So in short we are unable to order it. Yes the benefits to your health are there and I encourage you to pursue outside the VA.

    Well there ya go.. the VA is a dead end now.

  •  think I need to find someone who got one in 2015 or this year...

  • Elrique, give the guy a break.
  • im thinking someone is going to have to start a 501c3 organization to do this for all disabled vets..

  • I think the report above pretty much spells it out.. they are no longer getting exercise equipment for vets. period. Dunno why. Some guys need it.  oh well.

    The biggest hurdle I see now is too many so called vet organizations that only help war time vets.

    I have decided, that I will no longer support any so called veterans organization or charity that restricts its help to only those veterans who were involved in a declared war or served during a declare war time whether or not they were actually in the war zone.

    Until these organizations recognize that since 1973 we have had an all volunteer military, and all honorable discharged Veterans, who are living at or below the poverty line should have equal access to the help they need, I will not be supporting their causes, nor will I recognize them as a true organization for veterans.

    We have a lot of disabled vets who are living on fixed incomes, at or below poverty level that need help but cannot get it. So I think I will be looking into starting a fund for getting bents for these veterans.

  • El 64.. I DID follow your advice. and talked with my Care provider about the benefits of riding. She agreed with me.  And asked for a referral to our recreational specialist down in Rehab, and They are refusing saying that she talked to them and they at rehab are saying no before I even get a chance to talk to them. This tells me that the problem is my rehab department.  Im not done with this yet. this is now going to my congressman.

    2nd of all I have a regular "stick bike" that I can use that other stuff ON.. it is very very difficult for me to ride it, but if I have to, I can. and since we have started this thread a few weeks ago, I have come across a way for me to pay for my own trike.. it means I won't get one until next year, unless I manage to find a used one that I can afford before then..

    either way this entire thread has been very productive, so don't get discouraged. Thanks for your input.

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    Do some research and find the regulation or directive that allowed the VA to purchase trikes.  Then you have some ammo.

    And, as the mother of a son who has been to Afghanistan for 2 deployments and 3 tail swaps, and, having seen many young men and women at Brooke Army Medical Center missing limbs, I believe all charities should take care of the war-wounded first.  I'm also the child of two parents from that died due to smoking.  Just my two cents!
  • agreed, our war wounded should come FIRST.. my point was that we have thousands of charities all over the US that address that issue and few and far between that address the needs of the vets that are disabled, andl living at or below poverty line. 

    Many of the places that help a war time vet will NOT help a non war time vet, even if the vet needs help, and those are the ones I am no longer supporting. and understand, I will ALWAYS support my brother and sister vets.

  • What I need now, is names, places and contact numbers of VA hospitals or clinics, and the people to talk to there, in other states (other than michigan) that are CURRENTLY helping vets get bents. If they are doing it, I need to know 3 things.
    1. is the vet a disfigured vet? If not, is the vet just a normal disabled vet that needs a bent for exercise?
    2. If so, how does that particular VA go about getting them one?

    3. I will take that info to my federal congress people.. and get them involved then.

    and until that happens, Im writting off the VA as far as bents are concerned.

  • Macwildster,

    On the Recumbent Trike Facebook page a wounded disabled vet that works as a technician at a VA hospital has a GoFundMe account set up to get enough money to buy a trike. Now I'd think a VA employee would know the process to get one from the VA, but maybe he's income restricted.




  • I saw that.. but hes an EMPLOYEE.. if you are Disabled on Disability, GOFUNDME money is considered to be INCOME, and will result in reduced benefits.

    And as an employee, why is he using Gofundme?  mmm.. lots of unanswered questions here.

  • A workaround for someone who is on disability would be to have a non-related third party set up the GOFUNDME. They would make the purchase and then "gift" the item funded. Ideally that would be done through a third party non-profit organization but it could, conceivably, also be done by an individual.
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    El 64, who did you talk to in Seattle, what is their contact number, and how can I get a hold of them directly?  You can leave me a private message here (i think) or on Bent Riders (macwildstar) or on Facebook (Mac Zeff)

    I need to talk to a VA person WHO has done this in 2016. I will call ANYWHERE.  If successful I will break this open for over 30,000 in my county alone and for over 660,000 in Michigan.

    Also, you said you got a power wheel chair. I have no need for one of those. Are you missing any arms, legs, feet, hands? THAT I was told, might get you one thru our local VA if you jumped thru all the hoops and stuff..

    again this is why I need CONTACT information for VA people, who are doing this. So I can talk to them, find out what they did, and what they know so I can pass it on to MY people here who are either ignorant or being lazy A-holes.

  • Elrique,
    I'm contributing to the conversation and providing another person's experience. That is information not naysaying.
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    "most emphatically NOT an employee of the VA he didn't seem to know this
    program even existed.  His fixed income is the 90% disability payout
    from his service connected disability."

    That guy can get one thru the independence fund with NO hassles as hes service connected..

    I on the other hand, cannot, as they said they could, but now are playing games..

    Never said anyone owes me anything..  I said im hearing a lot of claims but no proof to back it up.. and I hate wasting time and resources chasing ghosts.  Many are saying they did, but when asked for proof, and with a valid reason for asking, all I hear is silence, or people chirping in that went out and bought their own..

    If you bought your own, this tread has nothing to do with you! you already have one.. this tread is about getting the VA to get a disabled vet one to help improve the veterans health..

    I waste time talking to people for whom the thread doesn't even apply.

  • I just spent the last 3 weeks dealing with my states Legislature, giving testimony at hearings covering the State Ran Veterans Home in Grand Rapids, where I once lived. Our state ran Vets home, is Michigans version of the Pheonix VA hospital, I.E lots of horror stories about poor care, and such. It was on the ratchel Maddaw show on MSNBC a week or so ago, and its been all over our states news sites for the last month.

     At the same time I have had threads going here, in bent rider forum, in Michigan Recumbents and Recumbent bikes both of Facebook about this stuff, and I need to stop, take a break, re-look at all this stuff..

    again, For the record. I am hearing a lot of people CLAIM they got a bent thru the VA, some as recent as 2014. But I am told that things changed in Jan of 2016, with some new rules going into play.

    What I need now, are people who have obtained one in 2015, or 2016 to contact me, with their name, their VA that they got it thru, the person they talked to in Rehab, that persons tile, and contact information so that I can contact them to get information.

    Then I can talk to my congressman, and maybe my local people again, with some PROOF that such a program exists now, despite the new rules being in effect since Jan 2016.

    Utill that happens, I will pursue other leads but my stance on this issue will be that the VA is no longer getting bents for Vets unless they are severely disabled, and its the only way they can get around, PER what my VA people told me.

    Its nearly 1.30am and I need to be up at 7 to be at the vets home at 8am for an advocates meeting with the new management at that home.
  • I think you should take another route.

    Talk to every veteran's charity you can.  See if they will spend the money for a used Rover.  I have seen them for as low as $500.  Use it as a test to prove that riding will improve your health and save the VA money.  Any time you can save money on healthcare costs, people will listen.

    Your main problem is you are in Michigan where your riding time is limited.  If you were down South where you could ride 10 months out of the year, you could definitely make a better case for why trikes are worth the money and you would see health improvements much faster.
  • Odd, the guy with the GoFund Me account says he works at a VA hospital per his FB page.
  • As for the funding I myself am a disabled veteran and currently paying on my Rambler GT in Layaway.  The best thing that I have found is a GoFundMe page.  It is a website that allows people to donate to many causes.
  • In addiction to the GoFundMe page know the rules of your social security and disability benefits.  I am 100 percent through the VA however I am 27 therefore, I still feel the need to work.  I do not collect Soc. Dis. just the VA and work full time as a GS09.  If you collect Soc. Dis. you are allowed to collect as income 18000 dollars and your VA disability does not count as income it is compensation.  The legalities of the issues are all in wording due to that is how our government is now.
  • Florida Bound.. No my riding time is NOT limited.. I have a set of Friction rollers for winter time that make it so the faster you pedal, the harder it is to go faster.. I used it on my stick bike and it will work on a tadpole.. so, riding inside or out, I will be able to get the exercise I need.. I just can't ride a standard stick bike anymore.. (standard bike with standard sadle type seat).

  • Brapugh23, I cannot use a Go fund me site.. being on SS disability (or any government assistance OTHER than VA disability) means any money collected from Gofundme must be reported as income and results in lower benefits - and SS is already at poverty level now. To get less doesn't make any sense.

  • There is a Program at the VA but it takes a lot of hoops and hassle and its not specific to any VHA facility. The form you need is VA Form 10-2641 and the Supplement to form 10-2641 but it is granted by Prosthetics. Follow these steps and hopefully you will be on track to gaining your mobility. Pre-Steps: find out if your VAMC has a Prosthetics and/ or orthopedics department (which they usually do) and if not find a nearby VAMC that has an active one. refer to this VA Form 10-2641 fill out what you can.
    Section 1710 of title 38, United States Code (USC) expressly authorizes VA to provide Veterans with Medical services and "such other supplies or benefits services as the Secretary determines to be reasonable and necessary."
    Section 17.38 of title 38, Code of federal Regulations (CFR) sets forth the benefits package that VA furnishes to veterans enrolled in the VA system.
    That regulation provides, in part, "care referred to in the 'medical benefits package' will be provided to individuals only if it is determined by appropriate health care professionals that the care is needed to promote, preserve or restore the health of the individual and is accord with generally accepted standards of medical practice."
    VA identifies recreational and sporting equipment as a supply. in many cases, recreational and sporting equipment meets the definition of 38, USC (SubSection) 1710(6)(E)(i) as a wheelchair or artificial limb depending upon the equipment being requested.
    I hope that this can assist you and every Veteran in the hopes of supporting and promoting this. Most VA doctors Know Very Little if anything about what i have posted. but it is a document with the purpose of providing guidance to clinicians and administrative personnel. the mentioned hoops and hurdles are all in section V of VA Form 10-2641 Be sure to read everything closely.
  • Asked a VA doctor in Boise. He said he could write a prescription for a recumbent trike but it would never be filled.

    Put one on a credit card or use TerraTrike's Financing. The latter, last time I checked, was better than most credit cards.

    ¬ ITL
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    a lot of smoke on this issue. lack of documentation from the very few claiming to have received a va trike - easy enough to post forms and correspondence leading to such an award but lacking.

    as vamc is required to be self-supporting by congress, even getting an electric wheelchair if non-combat related disability is improbable, think getting a trike is close to impossible. stuff reimbursed by medicare or private insurance will get done.

    va surgeon and physical therapy said there was no possible diy knee rehab. ignored them, bought a rover. still cant make it to the bus stop using the va issued walker but the rover, taking the weight off hips and knees, lets me pedal to the places where the bus would have taken me. lowes, walmart, publix have electric carts for us elderly cripples but not the va. long halls, hurts to go in there for annuals. volunteer wheelchair pushers rare for 6 a.m. labs, 8 a.m. appointments. unpleasant to ride a trike there most months in this part of florida between hours of 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    pretty much silence on the subject but rover is a marvey rehab machine for hips, joints, cardio conditioning - not to mention psychic lift overcoming mobility issues.
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