somebody shoot me please

i speent all freeking day working on my kmx 20/20, i do not recommend them, takes 2 lanes to uturn hard sharp turns are out of the qquestion, itll out run my rover! but my rover will out manuver it any day of the week


  • Ever heard of a 3-point turn?  I use it all the time, even on my Rover.
  • Ever heard of a 3-point turn?  I use it all the time, even on my Rover.

  • done a couple of 3 point turns usually involves a leg suck
  • If you can't turn, what do you do? 

    It's very difficult for me to get on and off the trike.  I roll it slowly with my feet back and forth while turning the wheels.  Never had leg suck.
  • i was exaggerating a little i need about 3/4 of a 2 lane road to turn around
  • I ride my Rover mostly in town, on city streets & residential areas.  I've navigated turn-arounds in almost all circumstances and had zero problems with turn radii.  which is good, because backing up is a different matter.  There's no reverse on a Sturmey-Archer.  Pushing backwards with your feet is awkward.  Anyone ever come up with a "reverse" attachment?

  • It's called.... Lean forward, grab a front wheel and rotate it backward. Most trikes come equipped with two of them.
  • You could always stand up, exit the trike, and turn it by lifting the front end!

    When I'm making a U turn, I also take a break and get a drink.  Turning in a tight area is never a problem for me.
  • I've just learned to recognize "traps" and don't drive into them.  I've also done the "grab a wheel" thing, but then I have to stop and clean the grime off my hands or gloves.  I think I'll get some big apples so I can drive off of curbs.
  • I agree that swinging by the rear wheel is easier (than swinging by the front).  But for me, it involves taking my feet out of the straps, standing up, swinging the trike, sitting down, then working my shoes back into the straps, all while little blue haired ladies are clucking: "That's an awful lot of trouble!!".  Better to just drive off the curb (slowly). 

  • im talking while peddling going several miles an hour
  • My son rode a KMX with a rear brake. He would crank the steering and jam the rear brake. He would whip around, leave a skid mark on the street and a smile on his face. Granted. . . he went through 2 back tires in 3 years. Feel like a kid again - "Hey Mom! Watch me do a skid!" (and stock up on cheap tires).
  • my stepsons nickname was skidmark but not for that reason lol  
  • Oh gimme 40 acers and ill turn this rig around, is the easiest way that i've found..
  • It's easiest to turn a rig around on 40 acres if you also got the optional mule.
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