E-Bike Conversion of a Traveler

My Traveler is soon to arrive, so I am looking at all of the options out there. One is to put an E-Kit onto the Traveler. I have spoken to some experts who said that the E-motor will not add any problems to the folding of the trike and add about 10 extra pounds to the rear wheel. For the Traveler, they would recommend mounting the battery to a removable rack. Normally, the rack is "permanently" mounted onto a bike and the battery is carried on such a rack. Because you cannot fold the Traveler easily with a permanent rack, you need to buy a removable rack. I did find one that will cost $166 including the shipping (just do a YouTube search for TerraTrike Traveler Rack). Please give any comments from anyone who has converted their Traveler to this option. I plan to keep my Traveler stored in my VW Passat trunk and always be ready to ride!!!!!!


  • GEEZE!! I am afraid you lost me quite early! I am going to put the E-Bike Kit on the back burner. The fella had said that the battery only weighed 6 lbs, much less than your 15 lb one. But, I am not going to do this and may never do it. Instead I am looking at what is called "Urban Mushing" with my 25 lb Schnoodle providing a little assist now and then. They sell gadgets for less than $300, but I watch the YouTube videos and think that I can fabricate something using good old PVC piping. That is the direction for my first Traveler modification. I also will fabricate a "side" seat for Jack when he is tired of "mushing." What a fun new hobby/sport. I can't wait to get my Traveler this week or the next.
  • I own a motor scooter and do understand the dynamics of the turn and have read about people rolling their trikes. Yikes!!! Yes, indeed!!! I plan to not purchase/fabricate anything until I am fully experienced riding my Traveler. I have read about the "Heel Slings." What do you think about the special shoes that clip into the pedal? Those sound like a great addition to Trike riding. I am sure that I will develope some aggressiveness with riding this Traveler. Having the dynamics of turning understood in the mind is very important to becoming an effective rider. I appreciate your comments and look forward to joining the "Bent" community. Marie
  • I have my "Support Our Troops" license plate and do all I can to support active duty and veterans!

    I don't wear a riding uniform.  I do wear my oldest shorts or sweats and t-shirts because I perspire a lot.  The neighbors probably think I have a very limited, raggy wardrobe.  Oh well!  I'm exercising, not walking down the New York Fashion Show runway!

    I don't currently wear special shoes or have heel slings.  I had started making some slings as a test but need help putting them on and have been staying away from my disfunctional family for a while.  Long story!  I do find my left foot falls off the pedals when I hit a large bump so some type of restraint is probably going to happen in the future.
  • I'm a believer in helmets since they have saved me from head injury more than once. I'm also a believer in clipping into my pedals. I used toe clips, straps and cleats in my road biking days; now I use SPD pedals and cleats with Honu. In both cases that was/is for improved pedaling efficiency and safety. Heel slings are something that I would definitely recommentd. A side benefit to wearing cleats that is rarely mentioned is that people cannot accuse you of sneaking up on them if you are walking.

    But all that is just me.... As for Elrique.... I'm inclined to believe that he still plays with sharp sticks but I don't believe he licks lamp posts in freezing weather. ;-)
  • Mountain bike clipless shoes are quiet when walking.
  • I wear Ragsters. One side clicks and one side doesn't. I've got a set of Crank Bros. Mallett 3's on the way which will require a change of cleats. Maybe I'll stop clicking or maybe I'll click equally on both feet :-)

  • I picked up a used Traveler today as a trike for my wife. I ordered a Bafang BBSHD kit cyber Monday - initially with the idea of putting it on the Rover (I bought it for me in June) and giving that to my wife as an electric assist Rover so she can keep up with me. The initial idea was that I would sell my big camera lens, use a grand to buy the electric assist, and then buy a Catrike 559 with the remainder. Ultimately we want to end up with two foldable trikes we can fit inside our Prius V (mini SUV like) along with my photo gear, and everything we need for our typical 5-6000 mile, 2-month long, twice yearly travel.  

    Now, having just picked up a TT Traveler, and purchasing the BBSHD I am debating whether to put the electric assist on the Rover, with the idea of eventually adding a tandem attachment, or, put it on the Traveler instead. I haven't sold my big lens yet, haven't really tried to be honest, so now I am thinking about buying the 559 and a second BBSHD for the Traveler when I sell the lens. 

    But, when I sell the lens, if I don't buy a second BBSHD, I could buy a new Catrike Dumont - an all American made full suspension trike - but, there is currently a 2 month waiting period to receive one. Wish I knew what TT was planning, I may take a wait and see attitude.

    Regardless of any of this, I would really appreciate hearing suggestions from those who have experience with any of this: electric assist in general, Bafang, the BBSHD, Catrike the company, 559, Dumont, TT Traveler, other brand foldable trikes, etc. It will all help me make better decisions.
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