Can anyone sell me a 20'' wheel for Tour II, 8 speed?

Hello there,

I'm a German cyclist on my way along the Mississippi, and I'm kind of stranded in St Louis, MO.
Can anyone sell me a 20'' wheel with tire & tube this Sunday (04-17)?

Many Thanks in advance & keep on pedaling



  • Hi Thomas,
    Well trying to get a wheel/tire on a Sunday is going to be rather difficult. Wish I was in St. Louis because I have a brand new one. It received a few miles while waiting for my 24" off road package.
    I did have the tube replaced with a removable valve core and added Slime. You would also need to use your cassette as I needed mine for the 24".
    If you are able, or forced to wait, I could get it shipped to you tomorrow and overnight so you would have it Tuesday.
    If this helps you, let me know. Either call or text 970-985-8664. You may need to leave a voicemail if you call, but I'll get back to you quickly.
    Best regards, Jim
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