Trikers in Santa Cruz?

Hi folks, new member here, to learn about TT. I hope to buy a Traveler within the next few months.
Are there any bent trikers in Santa Cruz?


  • If you have an account and log on above at My Terra Trike, you can see a map of Terra Trike owners in your area.
  • I'll do that. Thanks very much!
  • Could you please tell me how to find this map? I've  logged in and can not find it. Thanks
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    First, you need two different logins.  One allows you to post messages and the other allows you to set up your profile and purchase items from the site.  If you don't have a separate account for the My Terra Trike button above, register.  When your account is set up, log in and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  You will see LOG OFF      EDIT PROFILE    RIDER MAP.   Click on RIDER MAP then select your area.

    From what I can tell, there are many in San Francisco and a couple down near Monterey but none in your town.  Talk to the local Terra Trike dealer and find some local trike rides.  That will get you in touch with other riders.
  • That was very helpful...thanks again.
  • Thank you for the help - 
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    Hello Pam,
    I was wondering if you bought your Traveler. I have just ordered a 2016 Traveler with NuVinci N380 hub. I am hoping beyond hope to have them install a Harmony advanced controller (converts it to a truly automatic transmission where you set the cadence and just peddle up and down hills with no adjustments!!). There were other upgrades that I found worth waiting for. I sure hope that they will install a Harmony, but I doubt it will happen. However even without Harmony, I think that I will love it. I live in Port Townsend, WA and plan to store my Traveler in the trunk of my Passat. Anyway, I just wanted to give you some information in case you have not yet purchased. Take care..........
  • Hi Marie,
    I surely do hope you will be able to get your Traveler with a Harmony advanced won't want to stop cycling! Even if you don't, get ready for a world of fun with your new trike!

    I ended up not buying the Traveler after all. I went to Zach Kaplan Cycles in Alameda, CA and test rode all the recumbent trikes he had and ended up buying the HP Velotechnik Gekko fx20. It seemed to be the most comfortable for me and my various injuries, and it also folds.

    Thanks, though, for writing, and have a blast on your new Traveler! If you're ever in my neck of the woods, please contact me and we can go riding together.

    All the best & happy trails!
  • Pam, Does the one that you are buying fit into the trunk of something like a VW Passat?? Let me know. It will be a couple of months probably until I "pull the trigger."
  • Pam, I looked at the information available online. Looks nice. Can you tell me why you went with the Gecko over the Traveler?? You can also give me a private email: - that would be preferred so I can get your response quicker. This forum does not give me an email note saying that someone has responded to a comment. Thanks. Marie
  • Marie,

    The Gecko is a fold-under design as are the Catrike Trail, 5.5.9. and the Dumont (when it's released). What this means to you is that you must lift the trike and hold it off the ground as you fold the back end under the front end or, alternatively, lay it on its side in order to fold it. The Traveler does not require that you lift it or lay it on its side in order to fold it.
  • Elrique, your post cracked me up!
    I didn't have a clue that I would not be buying the Traveler, plus I didn't know that different trikes could feel so different. But, I had to take public transit to get to Zach's shop...2 buses, light rail, another bus, whose driver forgot to tell me when my stop came up, and I finally got off miles further, got hopelessly lost, walked miles in the wrong direction, etc.
    So, once I arrived at my destination I figured I'd better try every trike there was, just to make sure.
    So, my lesson from this adventure is to advise everyone to "try before you buy," especially if you have any disabilities.
    While the Gekko is easier to fold, the two front wheels don't fold inward, as does the Traveler, so I don't think
    it would fit in the back of your Passat.
    As a matter of fact, I have a man coming over in a few minutes to talk with me about building a special storage area for my trike, because not only will the wheels not fit in the doorway to my house (I live in a mobile home)
    but it's really too cumbersome and heavy for me to lift and fold. So, I am having a long and low storage shed built so that I can just wheel it right inside and I won't have to worry about lifting and folding.

    In short, find a recumbent trike dealer closest to you and go there and test ride everything. Also, to give you inspiratioin, watch this video, which is what introduced me to 'bent trikes just a couple of months ago.

    Feel free to email me at if you would like to chat further.
    Do as much research as you can, ask lots of questions, and once you're ready to buy, you'll be Ready!
    Good luck!
  • Hi again, Marie. I just saw that you live in Port Townsand. I don't know what's available in WA, but Portland has 2, maybe 3 recumbent shops, in case you get stuck...
  • Pam, from your post I wasn't sure if you rode both the Traveler and the Gekko on that day you bought your Gekko?? I was wondering what was the main reason that you bought the Gekko over the Traveler.

    I will get to lay my hands on both of these this coming Wednesday. If Gekko does not fit in the trunk of Passat, then I will go no further. I just feel compelled to see about that fit.

    Thanks for all the help from other Forum Posters. I feel like I have some ability to understand these trikes a whole lot better. There is one unanswered question. The Traveler has direct steering and the Gekko has indirect. Is one better than another??

    By the way, NuVinci has said that a "Stand-A-Lone" kit is available to outfit the Traveler N380 to the Advanced Harmony controller. NuVinci has relayed this info to TerraTrike and the Factory is discussing my request for Harmony.

    Bye for now......Marie
  • Elrique64, I did test drive one trike at Sequim Store which was a Rambler. I loved it. It was a 24 external gear. Paul, one of salesmen, said that the feel was nearly identical to the Traveler. I decided that getting the foldable one made the most sense for me. Initially, I did not seem to find any other foldable that would fit into my VW Passat trunk. Then I heard about the Gekko and checked it out online (not yet in person). Supposedly the folded dimensions are nearly the same as the Traveler.

    Wednesday, I will drive to Port Angeles to see the Gekko (and test ride it if it fits in trunk). Also on Wednesday, I will go back to the Sequim store with bicycle trailer and dog. They will hook up the trailer so I can do the test ride with trailer and dog being towed. There is no NuVinci for me to ride, but they do have an internal 8 speed Rover which will allow me to get a feel for this gear ratio. The NuVinci N380 which will be on the 2016 Traveler does have a better gear ratio. This Wednesday test drive will be very enlightening. I will be able to tow the dog trailer which is how I want to usually ride. Also, if the Gekko fits into trunk, I will be able to ride it with dog in tow for another comparison.

    I do not know if there are any other ones that will fit in the trunk. I watched YouTube videos of folding both the Traveler and the Gekko. The Gekko fold seems simpler, but maybe more awkward since the frame has to fold under. The new Traveler will have front wheels that easily come off. I doubt that I would take the wheels off for traveling, but maybe (not sure).

    Thanks for any and all comments. I sop them up like a "dry sponge."
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