Bike computers anyone?

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I am doing a lot of reading on bike computers such as the Cateye Micro SL Wireless. Can you 'computer geeks' provide me with some pointers on a good bike computer? Or, are they all 'hit and miss'?

Sorry!!!! I just found another discussion about bike computers and can't figure out how to delete this discussion.


  • @Elrique64 - I do not own a smart phone, soooooooooo.... I will keep on reading online reviews and the other discussion on this forum.

    Thanks for your input.

  • W'al now... I'm using a Cateye Padrone wireless. Nothing fancy.... just time, elapsed time, speed, average speed, maximum speed and odometer. I chose it because the display has nice, large, easy to read digits. I could wish for a cadence counter and something that will show hill grades in real time but... what I have works for me.
  • @MichaelHebert thank you for your input. After reviewing several reviews and videos, it has come down to the Padrone or the Micro Wireless.I do not need 22 functions that I know of.
  • Second the cateye with large digit's. Easy to read at a glance
  • @TCEd - thank you. I have a Cateye in hand and the instructions out.
  •   Some manufacturers leave you hanging on the 20 inch wheel sizes. Still don't have the Sigma BC 1009 set correctly. Guess will have to do it old school and get the measuring tape out.

    ¬ ITL
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