Safety flag mounting.

I know that there is a simple explanation to this question, but I have been unable to find an answer.

On Terra Trikes, there is a way to attach or mount the safety flag onto the mesh seat back. There is a grommet at the top of the side tube on each side of the seat back. Do I drill through the center of the grommet? Since I don't want to start something and make a mess of it, can someone please tell me how to mount the flag onto the seat back.


  • You should be able to slide the seat directly into those grommets on the top of the seat.  There's a hole in the top of that seat frame there that the flag slides into. The flag may not slide in as far as you think it should, but it will stay secure.

    You can always call us here at TerraTrike if you're still having issues!
  • Unless you are sitting upright the flag will be angled back and therefore be less visable to those you are trying to warn of your presence.  If you have a luggage rack, you can get an 18 inch length of bathroom sink pipe and use nylon ties to secure it to the rear section of the rack in a more verticle position.  Squeeze the bottom of the pipe to keep the pole from slipping through.  On my setup I drilled a hole in the bottom of the pipe and secured it with the bolt that secures the rack to the frame. I put a slight bend in the pipe to offer resistance to keep the pole from working it's way out during high speed runs.  I mean downhill runs.
  • I have a Cruiser - I had the flag mound attached to the left side of the rear wheel quick disconnect - but I've had problems with the quick disconnect getting loose so I'm looking for an alternate mounting idea - any ideas?
  • I have two flags on 6' poles inserted into the roughly 4" deep holes provided at the top of the seat. Even with the seat reclined fairly far back and the poles crossed and tied my flags are still a good 5' off the ground and project about 2' behind my rear wheel. Even at speed they are still plenty high enough off the ground to be quite visible and the flapping in the wind makes them even more so.... oh.... and yes,.... they stay securely inserted in the seat back.
  • My Rambler had grommets for the holes on both sides of the seat frame.  I have a regular TT flag pole on one side with an additional Army flag attached by velcro.  Below this flag are two 18" lime green (w/reflective stripe) ribbons.

    On the other side is a 4 ft "driveway marker" from Lowe's ($1.95) with my small ham radio antenna.  Also attached (zip ties) are two 18" red ribbons.

    I got the idea for the ribbons from watching a video of a guy in London (UK).  Those fluttering ribbons caught my eye before I noticed the flag.  Ribbons really flutter in the breeze.

    I've had comments on how easily seen I am when out on the road.  You can see my setup on my blog  The only thing missing is the Army flag which I had not added yet.
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