Support stand for repair/adjustments

Does anyone have a commercial support stand for their TerraTrike? Or, did you build your own?

Thanks in advance.


  • @Elrique64 - thanks for your input. Walmart has a white folding bench that would be about the right height off of the floor for a rolling mechanics stool. Is this the one you are talking about? Your idea is much simpler than what I had in my mind.
  • I saw one on another site made from 2' PVC with cut-outs to hold the frame. Here's the link:
  • I would like to find one that will lift Honu for me. My back can't handle anything much more than about 20 pounds.... and a rolling mechanic's stool would be great for me, too.
  • @Florida_bound - thank you for the link! This looks like a light weight way to go. Now to lift the trike up that high. Of course, a shorter stand would also work.
  • @MichaelHebert - I have lower back issues myself and whatever I come up with will be low to the ground so that I can use a mechanics rolling stool. One with a builtin tray will be a plus. Harbor Freight might just have the 'ticket'.

  • David,

    Maybe a vehicle rack could be adapted to have ramps for the wheels. Get the trike about 2 feet off the ground would be suitable for me.
  • I was thinking of ramps, also.  You could cut the 2" PVC pipe in half to make the ramps.  When I had to maintain a sprinkler system at a home I owned, I used a Dremel tool to cut it.  A band saw might work better in this case.

    If you have back problems, don't buy and Alpaca Carrier.  You have pick the trike completely off the ground to get on the carrier.  I usually grab it from underneath.  It's very hard for one person to manage.
  • PVC, eh. That's an idea I should give some thought to. I was more or less thinking along the line of some 6' long pieces of 1X4 with 1X1 guide strips along the sides.
  • My LBS used an inexpensive light-weight auto jack stands which I thought was a good idea. Easy enough to lift the trike and get the wheels off the ground.
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  • You wouldn't have to worry about the wheels coming off/out of grooves of the pipes like they could on a board.
  • I have been using the pvc pipe stand for over a year with no problems , Utah trike web site has instructions and cut lengths to build it. I did not glue the front  section to the rear single support section so it could be disassembled and loaded in my car trunk.Am going to cut it below the top  and use  coupler fittings so as to have the full height or a low version for travel.
  • @lookinup - I had thought about getting 3 jack stands also. And still get a roll around mechanics seat/stool so I can save my knees.
  • FYI, for the large PVC, a compound miter saw works great.  If you can set up a fence, it will help making sure all three legs are the same length.

    I agree with not gluing all the pieces together.  You only get one chance to get it right.  Also, once you glue it you can't take it apart.  You can instead drill holes through both sections and use a long pin or bolt to keep them together.
  • @Florida_bound - long bolts or 'cinch' pins would work very well. 'Cinch' pins and such can be found at a local tractor supply store (better selection) and some of the big box stores.
  • This stand caught my eye.  There is another video where he loads the trike and pulls it up to the upright position.  I didn't see it on my quick search.  He uses his cane to assist.

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