Looking for people to ride with in Arizona

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Who is out there in Arizona, that would like to ride with us? Easy rides, low miles, we don't care, would prefer to ride with other trikes.


  • Howdy, we line in El Mirage Az. Where do you live?. We go to the store and they let us use the trikes, instead of their carts. We also travle to Home Depot, Petsmart. Happy Trails Mark and Julia An AZ :D
    Happy Trails Mark and Julia An From El Mirage AZ.
  • Hi Mark and Julia,
    We live in Maricopa Arizona, about 20 miles South of Firebird Raceway. I am not where you guys are located in El Mirage, I think it is near Sun City? Do you have good places to ride there away from traffic where we could get a good 10 + miles in or more? Do you have a way to transport your trikes? We do, so we can meet you. We already have a ride planned for this Friday 7/19, you are welcome to join us on that.

    We can come meet you in El Mirage too. Let me know if next Tuesday the 7/24 is open?

    Brian and Cristina
  • Hi, My wife and I are new to the trike world but we have a friend who has been a bent rider for at least 10 years. We are in Surprise and if you are in the vicinity of Reems and Waddle we stop in at Bashaas for coffee (and) on most Sunday mornings. With the heat right now we get out early and are there around 6:30. We still have some friends that ride wedges but nice people. Maybe we will see you there. Regarding riding with others. Lets keep in touch for remote gatherings.

  • How about meeting at South Mountain Park on Sunday Feb 24 (Silent Sunday) for a slow ride up to the area south of the towers. The end of E TV Road. Lets say we meet at the Activity Complex At 9:am. I wonder how many will show upl
    Bring enough water, and maybe a snack to have at the top or along the way.
    Hope to see you there.
  • I have recently started uploading videos to YouTube for the first time in my life.  The theme so far has been what I called the Recumbent Chronicles-- my experiences with the various recumbent bicycles and trikes I have owned, and my rides down the paved bike trails in Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria, mostly along the canals.

    My first recumbent bicycle was a Sun EZ Super Cruiser.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8xqb3zwmyw

    I sold my two-wheeled Sun EZ-1 Super Cruiser recumbent bike, and decided to get a TerraTrike Rover with a NuVinci N360 IGH.  I ordered it straight from the factory.  


    Here is a video of my ride to work Monday morning (13.4 miles).  I tried some new things with the video, like integrating the Google Earth Pro fly-by scenes to give the viewer a sense of where we are, and I fast-forwarded through the less interesting parts of the ride, condensing an hour-and-a-half ride into 19 minutes.  I would have arrived in about an hour if I didn’t have to stop and fix my chain several times (I have since fixed that problem).




    Here is another video of my ride from the office down to darn near the Cardinals Stadium (22.4 miles round trip).  I have lots of interesting commentary, especially on the return trip, where I essentially give a video tour of Rio Vista Park in Peoria.



  • Looking for any trike groups in Tucson or Green Valley...

    I planning on riding in the Tour de Tucson this November 19, 2016 to do the 40 miler.

    I plan to spend 7 to 10 days in Tucson, but I'm not sure exactly when I'll be there.  I'd like to see the sights since I was there the last time in 2006.  I grew up on the NW side of Tucson near Wetmore and Romero.

    I'd like to do some additional riding as well as the Tour.  My email is cqcqhal (at) gmail.
  • You know, I was planning to drive to Tucson this fall to see my son stationed at Davis Monthan AFB.  The way flying is right now, I'd rather drive for 3 days than fly.  I will have to see how I progress and if I can make the 25 mile ride.  And, that event is only a few days before Thanksgiving.  It would be a dual purpose visit!
  • TSA Precheck is the only way to go.  But that still doesn't get rid of all the crazies on the airplane.  I prefer to control my destiny and drive.

    BTW, Google is looking for drivers in Phoenix to sit in their self-driving cars and make notes on how it performs.  For all you retirees looking for a few extra bucks, they pay $20 per hour!
  • I know, I saw it as early as 2014.  I traveled from DC to Texas 10 times for business.  Sometimes the TSA Precheck lines were longer than the regular ones.  That was due to a large concentration of government employees in one area.  Because government employees already have security clearances, they are easily registered for the fast track lanes. 
  • HEY OUT THERE. I moved from SoCal to Sedona AZ this past June; I had to get a trike rack and hitch to bring my ROVER to my new digs. Any other trikes in the Sedona/Cottonwood area? I'm also interested in any success stories with baskets, racks, even trailers for a 25 pound pet pooch. I'm going to do a search on my own, but it seems to work better with personal recommendations/suggestions.
  • RedRockRonRover,  in Sedona you're going to need a snowmobile suit and maybe a winch.  At over 4,000 feet it's going to get a bit cool.  Mods to your Rover may also be best to climb those hills.  I've been to Sedona several times over the years.  I grew up in down in Tucson.

    You might want to make some trips south to ride as Tucson has a fantastic trail system.  I was just there for two weeks and rode the Rillito, Canyon del Oro and Santa Cruz trails which are all part of the Loop system.  Also, last Saturday I rode 37 miles in El Tour de Tucson.  I would also suggest staying at the Candlewood Suites on River Road (NW side of town) as it adjoins the Rillito Trail.

    I just stumbled on to your post and thought to put in my two cents worth.  Sedona is a beautiful part of the state.  The view from the Chapel on the Hill is quite majestic too.  
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