I need a LOUD horn for "deaf" walkers

My wife and I are nice, polite folks. However, people walking the bike/walking trails like drunk lemurs with earbuds or texting finally jumped up and down on my last raw nerve yesterday.

How about the Hornit dB140? Or, does anyone have a favorite? 



  • I bought the Airzound horn. It uses compressed air and is refillable from a tire pump. Very loud!
  • That's the problem with riding on the trails.  I can see people coming behind me but walkers cannot.  Buy the loudest air horn you can find.
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    I would suggest a LoudBicycle horn, It's kind of costly but it would do what you need as well as be useful on the roads. I have the Classic mounted on my handlebar post, plan on buying a Mini later.
  • @gern @Florida_bound @YamiYuki - thanks for your input. I have watched YT videos of the Airzound and the LoudBicycle horns and both seem to do the job.

    It might boil down to getting the Hornit and if it does not get folks attention, move on up and try a different horn.

    I do like the Airzound but might need to get creative with the mounting. Same for the LoudBicycle horn.

  • An extremely loud horn may not get the results you want.
  • @TCEd - I have given some thought to 'unexpected' results. There are some folks who do not like bikes (2 or 3 wheeled) for sure. I currently have the little bell that I ring and announce (politely) that I am "passing on the left' or 'passing on the right'. I have gotten dirty looks and even had one fellow cross over the path right in front of me and I had to 'hit the grass' to keep from running over him.

    There will be at least one individual out there who will resort to some verbal or physical disrespect.

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  • I have not purchased this yet, but the reviews of Delta Airzound Bike Horn on Amazon suggest it will do the job you are looking to accomplish. It does have a volume control, and although it is an air horn, it uses no batteries. Instead, you fill the air chamber with air from the trike pump! I picked up a small squeeze bulb air horn that attached to the right handle bar. It cost $6 and gets the job done for me. 
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    So it seems that the lesson here is motorists are going to complain when we're on the road and insist we need to stay on the bike paths and sidewalks. Then those same motorists who are on the bike paths and sidewalks are going to complain about us when we're there too. So would the solution be to act as motorists when we're on the bike trail, blowing past pedestrians at a high rate of speed, passing with inches to spare, slowing down to yell at them to keep to the right?
  • @robbie8800 - nah - my wife and I are very polite when riding. We try to be good ambassadors of biking and always wave and smile. I hope that all of us bikers/trikers are above the bad stuff.
  • Reminder, most paths are multi use not bike paths.
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    Be aware that the Airzounds mounting hardware is rather easily ruined and the horn it self loses a lot of it's usefullness in the cold. Things that everyone should know, especially year round riders.
  • Be glad you don't ride on the same paths as me.  I run into John Deere 4-wheelers, golf course lawnmowers, golf carts, other bikes, runners, and walkers.  Fortunately, the path is wide enough for all to pass me except the 4-wheelers and lawnmowers.  Usually, they move to the grass to let me by.  If I go to the grass, I usually get stuck and have to get off the trike to get back on the path.  No that I have my bluetooth speaker on my handlebar, they usually hear me coming.

    Lately, I have been riding along a major road.  They have path that runs along the road but on the other side of a canal.  It is about 5 ft wide and relatively smooth.  The only problem is I have to ride on a 2-lane road for about 1000 ft to get to this path.  I would not even attempt it in the winter when the snowbirds are here.  A horn wouldn't help unless they remembered to put their hearing aides in!
  • @davidezekiel If you get the Airzound I can send a couple pics of how I mounted mine. It comes with Velcro for the tank and I also used black wire-ties to mount it to the frame under the seat of my Rambler.
  • @gern - Thanks for the offer. I just came in from the garage and for the life of me I could not find a place for a bottle rack. A bottle rack with zip ties also would be a great mount.

    @TCEd - Oh yeh - All of the paths/trails we ride are multi-use (no vehicles). One never knows what will be encountered.

  • @davidezekiel What model trike do you have? There are many ways to mount water bottle holders. Look through Amazon for them to get an idea.
  • @gern - I have a Rover Nuvinci. I have looked through Amazon and found 2 different types of universal mounts (think Velcro) and have added both to my shopping list.

    I could also use the long zip ties and attach to the boom/frame.

    A big issue for us is that our Rover is transported in the bed of our truck - a full sized Ford F150. However, there is a hard fiberglass tonneau cover over the truck bed. In order to load the Rover, I have to remove the rack and bag, lower the seat all the way and loosen the handle bars to fold them back onto the seat. Somewhat of a pain.

  • After years of riding on trails as well as roads, I find a simple 'On your left' - some times shouted is more than adequate. How would you like someone to come up behind you and blast an air horn. It would scare the crap out of me. We ride trikes, for gosh sakes, and blazing speed isn't part of the criteria. So what if you have to slow down and negotiate around someone - even if they are an idiot. Take a deep breath, relax, and just go with the flow.

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  • Lookingup,
    100% agree.
  • @lookinup @TCEd - I agree also. My wife and I always ring the bell on our trike and bike and announce that we are 'passing on left (or right)'. 9 times out of 10 everything goes well. Our frustration is with those folks with earbuds stuck in tight that have no clue what side of the path they are on. We never ride fast nor are we aggressive/angry.

    Thanks for your input.

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    I usually just silently go around people with a 2-3 foot gap or very slowly when closer or approach slowly with a "Pardon me". The worse experience I've had on my trike or even an upright was the same day I bought my Rover. I was on a rail trail coming back from the dealer when some moron on an upright is riding on the wrong side staring at his cellphone headed right at me as I'm yelling "Hey!" at him repeatedly. Treated me like I was the one doing something wrong.
  • Of course, you treat different people on the trail differently.  The original question was what to do with those who wear headphones or earbuds.  

    Most of the people I pass, I can notify saying I am passing on the left.  If a group is stopped, I ask if I can pass.  Many times, those on the trail, hear nothing.  As I pass by them, I just hope they don't make a sudden move because a collision will hurt them more than it will hurt me.
  • I have a Tour II and have mounted an air zound and a bell on the left side handle bar the air tnk in under the seat on the main frame mounted with the provided  velcro attached with zip ties for added insurance an bunge cord/ ball cord (harbor freight) around the tank & frame. the bell or on the left is usually enough, Have used the horn only twice, once with a car and was noticed and once scaring 3 coyotes following me, they ran away I no longer ride at night in that area by myself.
  • @ericrosenberg @dat - thanks for your input on the AirZound horn.
  • I bought the Airzound horn. I just got in the mail and have had fun with this horn extremely loud and easy to refill. would recommend to anyone who needs a loud horn.
  •   Wondering where one would mount it on a Rover, for us larger folks. I don't have much space available without running a riser up from the wide handlebars, or mounting in a Versa bar.

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  • Air horns have no place on a multi use trail.
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      Don't see many pedestrians on sidewalks around here unless one gets into the little towns. I live in a semi-urban area that has new development in spots. Places I want to go don't have bicycle lanes or trails, and some places only have sidewalks on one side of the highway.

      So far with the lights I have am getting noticed, when drivers are paying attention to the road and not their smartphones. Wished I could afford another Bontrager Ion 800 R for the other side of the Versa Bars.
      Haven't gone to Ontario - yet. Now having Bontrager Flair R's am more confident in being seen - when I can be seen. This is one area I'd really want a LOUD horn! Drivers in this part or Oregon are a mixed bag of races, and road manners here are awful. Not even safe in a car, let alone 2 or 3 wheels.

      When I was reminded of the AirZounds I was seriously giving thought as to where on earth am I going to put it if I did get one?!? Big guy, wide handlebars, not much room to put much of anything. Versa bars open the usability space.
      Ring-rings bells are nothing more than an audible wave. I've got one on.

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  • Hang it on a cord around your neck?
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